Random Part Generator Module

I took a good 15 minutes to make this very simple module, which is supposed to basically: generate parts with random properties.

Why is this useful? You never know when you’ll need it.

In fact I needed this multiple times, for debugging and testing reasons, there are some online, but almost all of them are outdated, so if anybody needs one in the future, here is one!

The .Create(position, parent) function is responsible for creating the random part.
An additional position and parent arguments can be added, position is the position of the randomly created part, parent is its parent.

If called with no arguments, the default parent will be workspace and default position will be 0,0,0

It will also return the randomly created part.

This module pretty much initiates almost all common properties, you can check out the inner code.

Randomised properties

Part.Transparency, Part.Reflectance, Part.Shape, Part.BrickColor, Part.Name, Part.Material, Part.CanCollide

These properties can be altered
If you find the random name generation annoying, simply replace it with a simple string

Anywho, here is the link to get the module, and this is the ID: 4871404097

Thank you!