Random Player selection (with style)

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  1. I want to make a random map selection for my game, something like this:

Sorry for no sound

  1. I searched the Developer Hub but didn’t find anything :pensive:

Do you want it to pop up like that and constantly change the selection or do you just want it to quickly select a random map?

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Yep like that, like in the video :sunglasses:

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Here is a script that picks a random one, you would be better off just using a folder of maps instead of a table

local mapsToSelect = {"Map1","Map2","Map3","Map4","Map5","Map6"}
local selectedMap

local selectionDelay = 0.15
--it doesn't seem like it slows down as it gets closer to selecting a map, could just be blind.
local selections = 10
for i = 1,selections do
    selectedMap = mapsToSelect[math.random(#mapsToSelect)]
    print(selectedMap)--I am super lazy and don't want to make a gui to explain this, all you realistically have to do is set the gui text to this
warn(string.format("Final map selection: %s",selectedMap))
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Thank you! that was exactly what I was trying to do :heart:

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