Random R15 Character Generator

So I reverse engineered the import bundle plugin available on the plguins page.
Then I made a custom character creation algorithm with the data structure, that creates a GUI interface to customize your characters using viewport thumbnails of the imported assets.
Then I made it so you can save 10 different custom characters, I used that to create a thing that lets you import one of your saved characters and have them as an ally.
I also have been working on a procedural world generator. Which is at the bottom there.
Then I ported the script to a module. and made it deployable and excutable from a template.
Initially their was all sorts of chaos then I defined the gender for each body and head asset.


This is interesting, but what are you trying to gather from this topic? Are you looking for feedback towards your concept or just general feedback on what they like about your concept?

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Just general feedback. :slight_smile: My game is unreleased and unfinished just interested in general feedback cause I don’t have a community or anything cause my old account got hacked.
You can check out some of my other posts. I recently shared an open source Chatbot Algorithm in the community resources.
Artificially Intelligent Chatbot LUAU Algorithm [Open Source] - Resources / Community Resources - Developer Forum | Roblox
This is my random dungeon generator Algorithm at work here in this video :slight_smile:
robloxapp-20220926-2022505.wmv (5.6 MB)
Procedurally generated Random island and tower

fully functional piano generation algorithm

Artificial Intelligence Chatbot Algorithm