Random room I made

Random room please tell me how I can make it better. don’t mind the Samsung thing I just looked up a picture and put it there for looks.

  1. For the pictures on the wall, you could add a frame for each one.
  2. Could add curtains to the window
  3. Perhaps a rug on the center floor
  4. Maybe add lamps on both sides of the bed
  5. And could add more decorations (Plants, Shelves, more pictures, ect.)

For me, the bed seems fine with the condition it’s in. However, the list in this reply could be added to make the room better.

Its all very bland and just some sutff looks like you just threw it in there, you should check out how the interiors of houses or apartments are and itll help you visual how it should be when you make it in roblox

Is this a bedroom for a house or apartment? At the start the room looks rushed lack of details and use of lighting you should try experimenting into adding proper details in there certain spots. Try not to use textures with dull colors mix different colors to intense the design a bit more, it’s a bedroom after all so it should feature vibrant welcoming colors with a warmer lighting source don’t use white colors it’ll look plain and the objects you place would look quite odd looking. Placing carpets or pictures with frames on the wall could improve the appearance:

Otherwise it’s not bad it just needs a full rework to improve the quality of the build.


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