Random shadow in Roblox Studio

Hi! So in blender, the object displays no shadow of any kind.


But, when it is in roblox studio there is a long shadow on the left hand side.

Is there any way in blender or roblox studio to get rid of this? Thanks!

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Roblox handles smooth shadows a bit differently than blender does. In blender, select the whole edge and go to edge → mark sharp

This will force the edge to be rendered as sharp, instead of smooth.

An alternative way to do this would be to make all faces smooth shaded, and then go to object data properties and set the auto smooth degree value to whatever value works for you.


This will make all edges that have faces meeting at an angle below the set angle to smooth, and those that meet at over the set angle to sharp. (usually best to keep under 90 degrees in most circumstances)

I hope this helped.
Good luck.