Random sort for the avatar shop

It’s currently impossible to find new avatar items because the current sorts are deterministic and there is a limit to how many items the catalog will show you for a given sort; once you’ve gone through them for the day, that’s it. There’s nothing new unless you sit there on the search bar with a dictionary.

UGC creators with items that have fallen off the sorts are likely to struggle to get back on them, or to ever get discovered ever again, except through the chance they show up on someone’s very limited catalog recommendations page. The current system favors new content, or an extremely limited set of old content that can never cycle, leaving an enormous amount of amazing assets buried down deep somewhere they will never be found. And with the recommendation system, content that people don’t know they like will also never be surfaced to them. The only way for people to discover truly new things is through randomness.

I want to be able to use a “Random” sort so I can explore new things. When I reload the page, or scroll down to load more items, I would like it to load a randomized assortment of items.


As an aside, I would love this same thing for experiences. I occasionally look up random keywords just to find unusual (bad) games.


I would totally 100% welcome this
It would allow new Developers for both of them to be discovered, and not only big Games/those who paid to advertise/sponsor will have the ability to be discovered
(This would also make Roblox have a better face, as Games with good Graphics are currently being made)
Hopefully they add this


The main issue with searching for UGC Accessories is that it comes up with botted clones of the item you’re searching for and no variety. A random sort would allow us to see everything in a random order so it’s less likely to notice the botted items.

Additionally, maybe a distinct sponsored section for UGC accessories as well (unless Roblox already has this).