Random spawn points/doesn't land on the spawn point?

Okay so I was messing around in the studio, and I noticed that no matter what spawn models I used (even the official Roblox spawn model!), I sometimes fall off the base, or I land on the base (just not on the spawn).

There are no other scripts running and I never have this issue before (I used the spawn points just fine without any problems in other games, yes I copied the spawn point from another game and it’s still doing it.)

I checked through the spawn, but nothing seems to be off, any ideas why?
Yes, I looked up but nothing about this.


As you can see, there’s the spawn but it does NOT land me on the spot, instead, it spawns me far away.
After that, I would land on the spawn point.

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if you place a part at position 0,0,0 is that where you’re spawning instead of the spawnpoint?

if so, maybe you have no neutral spawnpoints and whatever script you’re using to set your team to the team to the first spawnpoint is setting your team too slow

It looks like your making an obby. you should probably check for ‘stray spawns’ you have made that you forgot about.

I thought the same, but this is a fresh new spawn without any sort of changes, so I’m not sure what’s causing me to not teleport on the spot when I first join in.

yeah it was supposed to be an obby but I removed it completely (including scripts), any idea how I can check for any spawns that I might’ve missed?

try making a giant baseplate and actually seeing where you land. You can then also turn on selecting and checking for anything around where you spawn. You should also look at the console for errors and stuff.

Hope that helps! If it doesn’t work out for you you can try sharing the game file and I’ll see what I can find. (only if u want to ofc)

I have no idea what I just did or anything, but it seems like it’s fixed now after I made a huge baseplate on where I randomly spawned outside of the base?

I’m certain that it’s fixed now LOL, thank you!