Random Studios [Canceled since owner left]

[RS] Random studios CANCELED


Are you a developer that is need of a job? Well then this is the post you have been looking for. We here at Random Studios are currently hiering and are in great need of, Programmers, Builders, Ui designers and people who are capable of creating terrain. What is this for you might ask, well currently we are working on a game called Lifeline, The main concept is hostage rescue but there will be many more game modes to choose from such as zombie apocalypse. The game is FPS base meaning that it will be played in first person. Task will be handed out to you when you get added to the team. We do not have any set dates for when we need the work to be done, all we ask is that you do not wast our time and don’t work. To get hired you need to show work and tell us a little about you and why you would like to work with us.

  • Payment starts from 2k every month and will gradually increase to 10k+ amonth depending on incomes. (robux)
  • Tasks right now is making terrain for our graveyard map, programming guns and game mechanics.
  • Making more maps such as ghost town e.t.c.
  • If you are not happy with the payment we can most likley work somethingout.
  • Requirements are just to show us some of your work that you think look the best and or work the best.
  • Builders 0/3
  • Programmers (Needs to be capable to do advanced scripts) 0/1

Since we have yet to realese the game we have a totall of 340+ people waiting in our discord server.
There is a roblox group, this group is really small since we made it today. For more info or questions in general add aaron#8434 on discord. He is the owner not me.

Kindest regards, Oli :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I recommend that you provide payment details and also the requirements/tasks that the developers must complete.


Oh ok thanks a lot. Will do when I get back home.

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Do you need an artist? I am making GFX Pictures for group icons, games, ads etc.

Not at the moment but I will let you know if we ever do.

Is the game gonna be low poly or high poly?

More on the high polly side. Not showcase level tho.

Hello! This seems like a capable studio group. HOWEVER, there’s a lack of payment information. (Afaik, it will be edited.)

You didn’t provide a link to the group, and don’t have group positions layed out. Thus making it harder to determine what needs to be filled, and what hasn’t been.

Can’t wait to see the outcome. Might apply if the thread updates to provide this information. :slight_smile:

Happy Hiring!

Are your developers working for free? Please, include the payment details. Finally, I suggest following the “Public Recruitment” template.

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Updated. I triend to make it as good as possible. Now feel free to read it again.

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