Randomized Weapon Skins System

I made a post about this awhile ago, but I didn’t know what to do.

I’m trying to make a Skin System. So like a knife would have a skin if you select it you get that knife.

I have a 0% idea on how to even start XD

If anyone has an uncopylocked place or a recommendation then please post it.
(I’m not talking about ObliviousHD’s example)

Thanks again,

  • TheBigC10
local skins = {}
skins[1] = "Skin1"

local rng = Random.new()
local randomSkin = skins[rng:NextInteger(1, #skins)]

This could be a simple solution to randomly pick a skin from a table. If this isn’t what you meant, please be more detailed in what you want.

I was talking about something like MM games.

Are you talking about a case rolling system? If so, this is quite simple and has so many open sourced versions.

Or, are you talking about something like CSGO? Where the skin itself is literally random and super limited, like a random pattern but a same skin colorway, this would be super hard to replicate on Roblox.

I mean a Skin Equipping system. :3

First of all, you can’t request scripts or stuff like that.
Second of all, can’t you just make a script to change the texture of a model when a certain button is pressed? Shouldn’t be too hard to code.

Yea. I’m also not requesting scripts. Just asking what I would do to start!