Randomizer Update Notes

Version V.0.0.8a

  • Fixed one of the map not having any spawn locations
  • Made wrench louder
  • Fixed Night time when joining the game

Version V.0.0.8b

  • Re-designed Laser Rifle (just a glowing ring)
  • Removed Annoying GUI
  • Buffed Volk47 recoil 50 > 36
  • Fixed Spectate not playing any clicking noises
  • Buffed bomb destruct blast radius 8 > 12
  • Buffed Bloxy Cola2 blast radius from 11 > 15

Randomizer Quick Update

  • Changed up the obby (no longer hell)
  • Nerfed cross giving you + 500 hp > + 300 hp

Update 13/10/2020


  • New voices (Made by: Danonienko @Danonienko)
  • TechLMG (weapon) [Made by: xCHR0NOS @Deleted User]
  • The Core (Map) [Made by: xCHR0NOS @Deleted User and MooniDev @mooni]
  • The Factory (Map) [Made by: Peoplerk (USER HAS NO DISCORD)]
  • Ammo Boxes around the map
  • Toxic wasteland (map) (Made by epic dev)
  • Tablet (SPECIAL) (Made by epic dev) [Press E to activate health boost (+220 hp), Press R to activate jump boost, Press T to activate speed on PC.] [Press Up pad to activate health boost (+220 hp), Press Down pad to activate jump boost, Press Left pad to activate speed on XBOX.]
  • Mighty Sandwich (SPECIAL) [PERM 500 HP with strong punch] [This will remove all of your tools]
  • TheSimulation (map) [Made by: B1g_Err0r @dababy #1 fan and Danonienko @Danonienko]
  • Epic map (map) [Made by: BOBY3412356 @maro]
  • Beggin (emote)
  • Oktober Aid (emote)


  • Bfist spread 15 > 25 (yeah it sucks now)
  • Machete speed 24 > 22


  • Noob car trip duration .5 > 1.5
  • Battle axe rage duration 5 > 7
  • Life-steal damage 5 > 10
  • Radio no longer removes forcefield


  • Volk47 re-design
  • Reworked voice randoomizer
  • Fixed lag issues(?) [IF so, biggest thanks to MooniDev @mooni for helping]
  • Fixed inventory not showing when you hit someone with machete
  • Removed some voices
  • Updated controls

What’s new?

  • Map loading GUI
  • Update GUI in menu
  • Added back ragdoll
  • You’re forced in menu (if this bugs out, please rejoin)

(Note: This update is a bit rush and does not have that many content as the other updates. This was because I had to push an update for ROBLOX to accept my game appeal. We’re sorry but hopefully this update will satisfy you guys.)
(Note 2: You cannot get badges in the temp. version… If the main game opens up this place will be removed!)

Update V.0.0.9a

  • Fixed Greatsword, Chainsaw speed stack (?)
  • Fixed tools being removed when touching the baseplate
  • Removed being forced to menu
    ^ Along with that hopefully that fixes not being able to move!
  • Added 2 versions of the update
  • Removed radio buff
  • Made forcefield perm (you only lose it when you equip something)
  • Changed bomb destruct sound

Update 24/10/2020


  • Trench Shotgun (Weapon) [Made by: Prince_ZablootJr (dev team) @Madness Pierre]
  • The Crusible (melee) [Made by: Prince_ZablootJr (dev team) @Madness Pierre]
  • Paper sword (melee) [Made by: Prince_ZablootJr (dev team) @Madness Pierre]
  • Lever Action (weapon) [Made by: culprits1 (dev team) @Stupid Dev]
  • Rescue Ranger (weapon) [Made by: culprits1 (dev team) @Stupid Dev]
  • Mounted Gun (weapon) [Gamepass]
  • Peanut (emote)
  • Brody Quest (emote)
  • Other stuff (I forgot)


  • Impact Grenade throw rate 1 > 1.2
  • Impact Grenade throw speed 300 > 250
  • Forcefield duration from INF > 15 seconds
  • Impact Grenade now has explosion disatance
  • Cross giving 300 hp > 180 hp (now you have 280 hp in total, no longer 400)
  • Car badge stun time 1.5 > 0.9 (this thing just sucks now lol)
  • Chainsaw damage 14 > 9 (This is the final chainsaw rebalance)
  • Mighty sandwich now removes all of your buff! Including health buff
  • Cereal no longer heals
  • Mighty sandwich health from 500 HP > 300
  • Tablet walkspeed 17 > 12
  • Tablet jumpboost 30 > 18
  • Kitchen gun has projectile speed


  • Impact Grenade throw gravity 10 > 5
  • Funny badge Dash can now damage
    ^ 35 Damage, same as MightySandwich Damage
  • Sword forcefield duration 1 > 1.2
  • Fixed Kitchen gun
  • Changed account age restriction from 10 > 20days old
  • Fixed Mighty Sandwich not giving buff
  • Taunting will lose your speed buff!!!
    ^ Taunting will also lose your jumpboost buff!!! (taunting while having a boost will make you not able to move NOR jump… so don’t do that.)
  • Fixed explosions from removing limbs (You can tell if someone is just frozen in place with their body parts flying)
  • Removed car badge audio
  • Re-animated kitchen gun [Made by: JoshButRoblox @How’sLifeJosh]

What’s new:

  • Custom chat tag for special roles in groups
  • Tutorial place in menu
  • Better battle and loading map music system
  • Better kitchen gun music system
  • Better How to play UI
  • Voice packs (you spawn with no voices, you must choose a pack in the menu)
  • Gamepass and badge item now randomizes! Except funny badge [Help thanks to justinmod @justinmod]
  • Re-designed the kill feed UI
  • Your mouse can now move when accessing your backpack [Help thanks to justinmod @justinmod]
  • Your account must 15 days old to play! This prevents alt account from joining in the game. (Last alt account prevention was 10 days old)

Quick Fix
Fixed explosions not doing anything.

Update 0.1.0a

  • Fixed explosions not killing anyone
  • Fixed mounted gun thing
  • Fixed some emotes not making you move
  • Removed TheCore map sounds


  • Fixed menu update not exiting bug
  • Will be removing badge being randomized soon!

Update V.0.1.0b

  • Redesigned mounted gun a bit (removed the glass)
  • Nerfed mounted gun ROF from .1 > .115
  • Buffed Basesaw bat damage 50 > 55
  • Removed Health kit walkspeed when healing
  • Fixed core map from spawning player on the roof
  • Removed badge tool being randomized
  • Added Gamepass and badge UI (get to choose your own stuff epic) [Made by: justinmod @justinmod]

Update V.0.1.0c

  • Buffed cross to give you +200 HP
  • Fixed might sandwich health(?)
  • Moved badge item GUI and stuff down a bit
    ^ made it where you don’t have to open it.
  • Made radio PERM in your inventory [if owned] (planning to make it go on your back soon!)
  • Going back to menu WILL reset your killing spree! (Help from justinmod @justinmod)
  • Removed night time when you join
  • Buffed blowgun speed 300 > 800
  • Deagle can now one shot on the head
  • Buffed forcefield duration from 15 > 20 seconds
  • Fixed TheCore map spawning on top
  • New voice pack (made by: Connor_Wilkinson @squid2ard)

Update 6/11/2020


  • Kriss-Pistol (Weapon) [Made by: culprits1 (dev team) @Stupid Dev]
  • Disk (Weapon) [Made by: culprits1 (dev team) @Stupid Dev]
  • Thriller (VIP emote)
  • Lock It (emote)
  • Save button (VIP SPECIAL) [Made by: Prince_ZablootJr (dev team) @Madness Pierre]
  • Scatter Gun (Weapon) [Made by: Prince_ZablootJr (dev team) @Madness Pierre]
  • Third Person Camera (VIP)
  • First Person Camera (VIP)
  • Blade revolver (Melee) [Made by: Prince_ZablootJr (dev team) @Madness Pierre]
  • Buster Sword (Melee) [Made by: Prince_ZablootJr (dev team) @Madness Pierre] {Press E on PC to use ability, Press Y on XBox to use ability}
  • Butterfly Knife (Melee) [Made by: Prince_ZablootJr (dev team) @Madness Pierre]
  • BFG (weapon) [Made by: culprits1 (dev team) @Stupid Dev] {CAN’T ADS WITH XBOX… HOPEFULLY I CAN PUT IT IN FOR XBOX SOON}
  • Crossroads Remastered (map) [Made by: Standito @Deleted User]
  • Ambassador (weapon) [Made by: culprits1 (dev team) @Stupid Dev]
  • Pool light (melee) [Made by: BOBY3412356 @maro and Toghill1 @foreskin burglar]
  • Rocket Arena (map)
  • Bazooka (weapon)
  • Construction Map (map) [Made by: CLTZN @CITZN]
  • Orange Chaos (map) [Made by: funnykeghan @FunnyKeghan]


  • All guns (most) projectile speed from instant to 2500 (pretty fast)
  • Rescue Ranger Spread 0 > 10
  • The Crusible damage 150 > 110
  • The Crusible speed boost 3.5 > 2.5
  • Bloxy cola 2 speed 20 > 12


  • BFist spread 25 > 20

  • Gun that runs out of ammo fast MaxAmmo 250 > 1000 - 1500

  • M249 ROF 0.12 > 0.097

  • M249 Damage 12 > 17

  • M1 Grand damage 32 > 35

  • Rescue Ranger Bullet 1 > 4

  • Pillow damage 15 > 23

  • Paper sword damage 25 > 35

  • Keyboard damage 22 > 30

  • You can see bullets in the game (snipers are faster)

  • Replaced Bomb destruct with Toliet (consider this as a nerf)

  • Removed ball equipping sound

  • Deagle now has a cool audio when headshot
    ^ Deagles can now insta-kill on headshot (Last head shot deals 250 damage or so…)

  • Hopefully Fixed lag issues on impact grenade when thrown

  • Fixed T-Pose not moving players

  • Fixed FunnyBadgeItem not being able to be used on XBox

  • Removed halloween map

  • Made diamond pickaxe 3rd person, hopefully it makes combat for it easier

What’s new?

  • Image next to your health bar
  • VIP gamepass tag
  • Radio will appear on your back now!
  • Added some new music in
  • Stength status
  • Death Animations!
  • You now spawn with weapons. (If not, please reset. Weapons maybe out of order when you spawn in)

Update 0.1.1a

  • Fixed some map error in the construction map
  • Nerfed Bazooka ROF 1 > 5
  • Nerfed Bazooka Projectile speed 350 > 150

Update V.0.1.1b

  • Buffed Buster’s Sword power time 15 > 30 seconds (plays music now)
  • Nerfed Bazooka speed 150 > 65
  • Nerfed Bazooka ROF 4 (yeah turns out to be 4) > 10
  • Removed footsteps sounds (caused so much error)
  • Nerfed Greatsword Charge Damage INSTA KILL > 500 damage (This was supposed to be in V.0.1.1 but I forgot about it.)
  • Lowered down player count
  • Fixed funnybadgeitem not working on xbox (hopefully)

Hopefully I fixed the lag a tiny bit!

This requires a server Shutdown!

  • Updates are hidden from the game. (I’m lazy to update the Update UI)

Update v.0.1.1c

  • Hidden update
  • fixed gamepass and badge gui from cloning items…

Update 11/12/2020


  • Snowball (weapon)
  • Pitchfork (melee) [Press E on PC to fire up your pitchfork or Press Y on XBox to fire up your pitchfork] {Made by: BOBY3412356 @maro}
  • fake santa (boss) [All made by: justinmod @justinmod (dev)] - Big thanks to them!!! {occurs every 6 map changes or so…}
  • AWP (weapon) [Xbox can’t ADS still] [Made by: culprits1 @Stupid Dev (dev)]
  • Hot coco (SPECIAL) [Made by: TheAntiCitizen @Madness Pierre (dev)]
  • Gingerbread man (SPECIAL) [Made by: TheAntiCitizen @Madness Pierre (dev)]
  • Cookies (SPECIAL) [Made by: culprits1 @Stupid Dev (dev)]
  • Present (weapon)
  • Christmas tree sword (melee)
  • Ornaments (weapon) [Made by: TheAntiCitizen @Madness Pierre (dev)]
  • Speed Coil (SPECIAL)
  • Gravity Coil (SPECIAL)
  • Regen coil (SPECIAL)
  • Sten-12 (weapon) [Made by: CombustibleDev @Mop]
  • Banana Gun (weapon) [Made by: culprits1 @Stupid Dev (dev)]
  • Tube gun (weapon) [Made by: culprits1 @Stupid Dev (dev)]
  • Beebreaker (melee) [Made by: Kayadillo @kayla wit da qween bee]
  • Beeshot (weapon) [Made by: Kayadillo @kayla wit da qween bee]
  • Paco’s Encouragement (Voice pack) [Made by: Pac2006ROBLOX @Paco]
  • Backdoor (melee) [Made by: SonicBoomer101 @EmilySillyDev] [Idea by: Nebula_Zoroark @Nebula_Zoroark]
  • Shovel (melee) [Made by: culprits1 @Stupid Dev (dev)] {Press E on PC to sit players down with your shovel or Press Y on XBox to sit players down with your shovel}
  • Club Penguin (emote)
  • Monster Mash (emote)
  • Casey (emote)
  • Raygun (gamepass)
  • King Of The Hill (map) [Made by:CarelessPlays2021]
  • The Melted Core (map) [Made by: qChronos @qChronos]
  • Skibidi (emote)
  • ??? (badge… won’t be revealed until the 25th of December…)
  • Success (emote)
  • VietnamMap (map) [Made by: @zsomi1030]
  • Baton (melee) [has special abilities]


  • Removed Scattergun speed boost
  • Scattergun spread 12 > 15
  • Scattergun damage 18 > 15
  • Removed speed boost from The Crusible
  • MP5 spread is now 15
  • M16A1 spread is now 15
  • AA12 ROF is now 0.24
  • UMP spread is now 7
  • Launcher projectile speed 10000 > 250
  • Launcher can’t be reloaded when unequipped
  • You can’t jump with ball anymore (you cant knock players stupid far)
  • M249 ROF is now 0.1


  • Electric Katana can now give you speed boost when you get a hit (glitching this can get you banned)
  • Revolvers deals x4 their normal damage on the head
  • Trench Shotgun damage 15 > 18
  • Trench Shotgun spread 15 > 13
  • Bazooka explosion radius 10 > 15 studs
  • Double Barrel Spread 10 > 7
  • M249 Damage 17 > 20
  • Removed recoil from Gun
  • QBU-88 damage 75 > 100 (this was planned, I keep forgetting)
  • Bow Damage 35 > 75
  • Crossbow damage 85 > 100
  • Spellbook Damage 20 > 30
  • Life Steal Ammo 300 > 700
  • attempted to lessen recoil to all guns
  • Removed Impact Grenade explosion damage based on distance
  • M9 now deals 30 damage
  • Berreta now deals 28 damage
  • USP now deals 25 damage
  • Supressed USP now deals 20 damage
  • Snipers shoots more faster than usual
  • Removed snipers reduce walkspeed
  • MP7 Spread is now 18
  • M4A4 Spread is now 18
  • Pew Pew is now a full auto weapon (shoots just a bit faster)
  • Blowgun now deals 100 damage
  • Revolver blade now deals 45 damage
  • Launcher now deals 65 damage
  • Shorten healthkit backpack removeal


  • Fixed Radio not playing music for people(?)
    ^ Also fixed radio not giving radio to people(?)

  • Removed Toxic Book

  • Re-designed Menu

  • Snipers make epic sniper bullet stuff

  • You no longer go third person with sandwich and chocolate bar

  • Sniper impact sound

  • You can now ragdoll after the death animation ends

  • Removed contents made by Standito

  • Removed Update GUI in menu

  • Redesigned The Crucible [Made by:MyAltImade @Red Right Hand]

  • Fixed mighty sandwich

  • Using spy can now hide your radio!

  • Bloxy cola now explodes when you press e on PC or Y on XBox

  • Replaced ToxicWasteLand map with snow

  • Replaced emotevill map with snow

  • Replaced beach map with snow

  • Replaced Dizzy with snow

  • Fixed where people can use weapon’s special ability twice with xbox and keyboard

  • Sky Map redesigned by: ArulizFunx @ChildAbuser2021

  • Buffed cross back to it’s old state (the obby is much harder to find)

  • Cross no longer gets deleted

  • Fixed group chat tag
    What’s new?

  • You now spawn in menu (hopefully)

  • You can now close/open the gamepass and badge GUI

  • Items you choose on the gamepass and badge GUI will stay until you leave or change it (made by: justinmod (dev) @justinmod)
    ^ Along with you can only choose them when you have forcefield on! (VIP can be chosen without forcefield but doesn’t stay!)
    ^ ALONG ALONG with that, choosing VIP will remove everything from your inventory.

  • Weapons that has special powers has a GUI that pops up

  • You can hide projectiles

  • Damage indicators

  • You can now Press M to go in menu (PC only) [There’s a small cooldown preventing you from spamming]

  • Explosives can now rocket jump (except impact grenade, that weapon sucks)

  • Redesigned Tutorial place place

  • Revamped The warrior
    ^ Ranamed it to LMG

  • Snipers will have a glare when in ADS

  • You can see the person who killed you HP

  • You can now mute radios (WIP) [I think it’s good…]

  • New Health UI made by: Derpy_Emuu @Derpy_Emuu

Version 0.1.2a

  • Disabled pillow
  • Nerfed gingerbread man
    ^ + 20 speed
    ^ + 10 JumpPower
  • Changed boss chance from 6 map to 3

Small hotfix
Fixed boss from bugging out (hopefully)

Reminder: I’m not doing these fixes, one of my devs are

Update v.0.1.2b

  • nerfed cross to have it out for 10 seconds to get the buffs
  • fixed boss teams where players can’t hurt each other

Version 0.1.2c

  • Fixed item cloning a lot when pressing deploy
  • Lowered down some sounds in the guns
  • Reanimated M9 [Made by: JoshButRoblox @How’sLifeJosh]
  • Made admin better (hopefully)
  • Buff BFG damage 100 > 200
  • Buff Barret damage 100 > 200
  • Removed banana gun from boss
  • Fixed Pillow
  • Buffed Pillow sleep time
  • Buffed keyboard heal time
  • Buffed M9 damage 35 > 39
  • Nerfed M9 reload 1.34 > 2.2
  • Fixed backdoor not giving health boost
  • Lowered down gingerbread man effects
  • Nerfed butterfly knife swing rate .4 > .45
  • Buffed crowbar damage 24 > 35
  • Made the holy badge obby more visible
  • Fixed the dialouge text in tutorial
  • Added The Enginner (emote) [Made by: Erron2005 @Erron2005]
  • Buffed Pew Pew Barrel damage 35 > 40 (remember the gun deals area attack, so the damage is x2)
  • Removed monster mash icon (roblox sucks)
  • Made a system to where if you don’t die after the death animation, the game will kill you for you to respawn
  • Buffed cross hold out time 10 > 6
    ^ Cross will have music playing when holding out
  • Buffed space gun damage 18 > 27
  • Fixed present dealing so much damage
  • Nerfed ornament damage 25 > 15
  • Fixed snow placement in dizzy
  • Fixed some gamepass errors