Randomizing mouse location ignore certain part

Hello. Currently, I’m developing a mouse location randomizer( to make a shotgun ). However, certain part are ignored and the randomizer will return the non-randomised value. For example, Firing the Mouse1DownButton while the mouse location pointed at skybox.

I tried using mouse filter but it didn’t work.

local target = Mouse.Hit.Position
local newMouse = Vector3.new(math.random(-3.45, 2.95), math.random(-2.5, 1.5), math.random(-2.5, 1.5))
local newMouseValue = (target + newMouse)
-- When mouse is clicked and pointed at basepart, the location randomised.
-- However, when clicked and pointed at skybox, the location isn't randomised.

If you have any explanation about this situation and solutions, thanks you.

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