Randomly chosen outfits for noobs

[size=4]Are you tired of seeing this character everywhere in games now? :[/size]

[size=3]New players’ characters should be sort of random, so they don’t all look the same.[/size]

It should give new players a random hat and shirt (and package, etc.) out of a selection that Roblox chooses.

I got this idea, because I just went in to play Deathrun 3, and I saw a FULL SERVER of clones that all looked exactly like the picture above. Ugh… creepy. :uhhh:

There’s also the point where self-promotion of terrible products goes too far. The default new character should not have a 3.0 equipped. They should start out with the 2.0 and 3.0 to wear them if they choose, but the 3.0 should not be in the random equip pool.

I would love the option for 2.0. I don’t really like the look of the 3.0 unless my look is a Lego character.

This used to happen.