Randomly Generated Detailed Buildings!

Currently, my team is working on a pretty big map, so I scripted randomly generated buildings to help them out!

I thought this was pretty cool, you can test it out here (please dont spam the generate new building):

(This is not supposed to be perfect! there’s some glitches like benches not being positioned correctly, and walls sometimes dont calculate correctly.)


Nice, very cool how you made a range and how it can generate buildings with different types. Something which I recommend and don’t know if it is possible for what you are doing here: It would be cool if you have a parameter GUI, so that I can select roofs, walls, windows and have the script generate it, it would be a huge plus. But it is incredible either way

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Thanks! I might work on adding that!

Wait, this is possible!? How!?

With blood, sweat, tears, and a good amount of math, this is possible. I might open source this soon so other developers can use this as they need.