Randomly got logged out of my account and logged onto another

I was just scrolling trough the dev forum when out of no where i got logged out.
When the page got refreshed i was logged onto random account that im not connected to in anyway.
I couldnt do anything, trying to post or change settings gave me an error.
The site was different too

Uploading: image.png…



Happening to me too…

Once you do something that will result in an “403 error” the logged in account changes. Really weird.

Same happened to me.

None of these accounts are mine and it’s back to normal now, really weird…

Yes, I think teh DevForum is having a stroke, this almost gave me a heart attack and caused me to falsely accuse someone of hacking to a few friends. Ironically this happened at the same time that my brother got hacked so I thought it was real.


Exact same problem here, and clicking “Summary” on the random account just logged me into another random account, freaky


Yeah, the devforum is acting really weird right now.

Nice the devforum is back, but I wish roblox would address this issue and tell us what happened.

also got logged into a random account, specifically @huchu132

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I hope my account wasn’t too boring for you :sweat_smile:


Funny how he ended up and both of our accounts, and here we both are.


How would this happen? What precautions weren’t taken in order for this huge breach to happen? Was it all the accounts on the Devforum that could be entered into, including those with trust levels of Leaders or Editors?

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I believe a database glitch, causing random pieces of data to end up in a random persons hands. Therefore having to shut the entire forum down.

(not entirely sure though, not a web nerd.)

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This looks more like what happened to steam with its caching problem:


I think this is because roblox might be remaking the token log in system or stuff for the devforum or the the devforum is just messing around with stuff.

It was incredibly boring. I was disappointed.

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Can confirm, logged into PoptartNoahh account and yours

Super weird, I got logged into a random account too

That’s the JS-Disabled backup page, really weird why it started replacing the actual page. Roblox fixed this though.

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