Randomly got moderated for putting Roblox approved links on my profile page

This morning I woke up to my Roblox account getting a warning for putting Roblox game/group links on my profile

This really caught me off guard as my profile has had these links for more than 2 years
I know I’m not the only person who has put links to their Roblox game/group in their profile, for example here is the profile page of the dev for Build a Boat

Also, it appears that big game devs such as Pls Donate has also had their profile bio moderated too

I understand that it was only a warning and not a ban, but it’s just so weird that why now after 2 years???


As per the Roblox Terms of Service, you’re only allowed to put Roblox-approved offsite links in the Social Links setting/tab, because they can be automatically hidden if a user is under 13, whereas a link on someone’s profile cannot be. And Roblox links are fine for all ages so there’s no need to hide them, so they can be put on your profile.

It probably took two years because it wasn’t a widespread issue and moderation wasn’t paying too much attention to this.


From my understanding of the post, they didn’t post offsite links, they posting links to places within the Roblox website, which should never be moderated without reason.


Ohhh, well maybe the place on Roblox they posted was inappropriate, or this is a false warn.


I’m leaning towards just Roblox moderation being bad like always, someone probably just messed something up in their link scanning system!

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The link was to the main game I made which has never had any moderation issues

Did you have your discord or anything else beside the roblox link?

I had a link to my game, my Roblox group, and my yt channel (which was unnecessary after I found out you could add yt to social links for your profile)

You cannot lead users website, it includes youtube links, your discord username or anything to identify you outside of roblox. All the links such as youtube should be under your social links section.

How can I be sure that the yt link was the only issue though? Cause the moderation note just showed the entire profile bio as flagged

The last thing I want is to be moderated again

Roblox links shouldn’t be moderated and since <13 users cant see social links, youtube links will get moderated.

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I got warning for official Guilded link in my About Me (Not text - Link). This is real problem that is with us for sometime.

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