Rank 4 - Housekeeping Trainer Guide

Rank 4 - Housekeeping
PurplePalms Trainer guide.

Hello! I am (Your name here), and I will be your trainer for today!
Please note that all information will be important! Please do not
speak during this time! It may distract others!

I will be telling you 4 things about Housekeeping! Your Job, Your Tools, The Warning System, and The Uniform.

First, your job and tools!

As a Housekeeping you will be at the housekeeping desk at the hotel.

You will get four tools: broom, vacuum, staff card and a trolley.

You can go around the hotel and Clean the Floors and make sure the hotel is Tidy & nice.
Each tool will already be in your inventory.

If someone needs you to clean their room, go and flush the toilet,
open shower doors if they are closed, shut off the water if it is left on.

You can also give out information about the hotel if they come and ask you.

All staff have a staff card. Do NOT use this card to explore rooms!

Now, we’ll move onto the warning system!

Trollers will get 3 warnings. You can give warnings by saying…
" Warning 1 | (State Your Reason) "


“Warning 1 | Spamming”
“Warning 2 | Disrespecting Staff”
“Warning 3 | Impersonating Staff”

Impersonating staff can be a serious issue. If you find someone who is NOT a member of staff, and they
are wearing the staff uniform, they are impersonating staff. Ask them to take it off.

If they do not take it off, give them a warning for it.

When a player gets his/her 3rd warning, get a Security to cuff them. If there are no Security members
in the server, ask for one on the group wall. You will also need to ask for an MR/HR, on the group wall.

Exploiters/hackers get 0 warnings! Get Security to cuff him/her, and immediately contact an MR/HR!

Now, I’ll tell you about the uniform!

The uniform is located in the staff room, behind the receptionist desk.

You need to wear this uniform at ALL times, while at the hotel! To put the uniform on, simply click on it.

You could possibly get demoted for not wearing the uniform!

That’s all! Helpers, did I forget anything?

Any questions, trainees?

Helpers, I will now choose a trainee for you. When I call your name, come to me, please.