Rank 7 - Receptionist trainer guide

Rank 7 - Receptionist
PurplePalms trainer guide

Adorations! I am (Your name here), and I will be your trainer for today!

Please note that all information will be crucial! Please do not speak during this time! It may distract others!

I will tell you the main things about being a receptionist! Your Job, Lanes, Greeting, Your Tools, The Warning System, and The Uniform!

Your job.

As a Receptionist you are going to be handing out rooms to customers.

To give a player a room, type “give (PLAYER) room (NUMBER)”

Example: “give [SAY YOUR USERNAME] room 201”

As you can see, I now have the room! And the spot on the board where the room is has turned red, and shows
my username!

To take away a room, you type “take (PLAYER) room (NUMBER)”

Example: “take [YOUR USERNAME] room 201”

Now, my room is gone, and the red spot on the board has turned green! My username is also gone!

To give a player a suite, type “give (PLAYER) suit (NUMBER)”

Example: “give [YOUR USERNAME] suite 200”

To take away a player’s suite, you type “take (PLAYER) suit (NUMBER)”

Example: “take [YOUR USERNAME] suite 300”

Now my suite is gone!

To add, suit is different from suite. Suit is pronounced as soot and stands for an outfit.

Suite, on the other hand is a luxurious and expensive room from a hotel.

Your Greeting.

You must have a greeting at all times.
You can include your username in it and the hotels name in it.

Now, onto lanes!

The White is the lane for SUITES. If a player wants a suite, they MUST go to this lane.

The Purple Lane is the lane for REGULAR ROOMS. If a player asks for a suite here, tell them to go to the
white lane.

Suites are also a gamepass! Do NOT give random people suites. Tell them to get into the suite lane,
if they want a suite.

Now, your tools!

You spawn with a staff card, and a trolley.

You can walk around the hotel with the trolley, if you’d like, but ONLY if the receptionist desk is

Your staff card allows you access to all rooms in the hotel.

Do NOT use this card to explore rooms! Doing so could get you demoted!

The staff card is so you can get into rooms to get people who are not supposed to be in a certain
room out.

Let’s move onto the warning system!

Trollers will get 3 warnings. To give a warning to a player, say “Warning (NUMBER) | (REASON)”

Example: “Warning l | Spamming” “Warning ll | Caps Abuse” “Warning lll | Disrespecting Staff”

On a player’s 3rd warning, get Security to cuff them, and call for an HR/MR on the group wall.

Exploiters/hackers get 0 warnings! Get them cuffed by Security, and call an MR/HR right away!

If cuffs do not work on the exploiter, write down their username and, include in your call for an MR/HR,
the username of the exploiter.

Now, the uniform!

Your uniform is located right where you enter the staff room. You will be notified which uniform to wear.

You MUST wear the uniform at ALL times, while at the hotel!

You can also buy the uniform from the group shop.

If you do not wear the uniform at the hotel, you could possibly get demoted.

If you find a person wearing a uniform, who is NOT a member of the staff, ask them to take it off.
They must have bought it, if they’re wearing it.

If they refuse to, give them a warning for it.

Example: "Warning (NUMBER) | Impersonating Staff |

That’s all! Helpers, did I forget anything?

Any questions, trainees?