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If you are wanting to get a job here at Ryanair with us, you may want to read this post first as it describes each position and what they do.

Non-Employee Ranks

These ranks you can get from purchasing or being allied with us at Ryanair. You do not work here if you have one of these ranks.


Economy is the rank you get when you first join our group, it is free and you do not have to apply for it. You can attend most flights and do not get any premium features.

Flex Plus

If you wish to get certain premium features or access to the lounges at our airports, you can purchase this rank for a small fee. You get a FastTrack line when boarding and get to fly on most flights.


As an Investor, you are greatly helping the Airline survive, you help us get funds for advertising, developing and more. You will get a FastTrack queue line when boarding, access to all airport lounges and you can attend all flights unless they are staff only. You will be treated with extra respect.

Allied Ranks


As a representative you are representing your group as an ally in our Airline. The groups owners get Flex Plus features and are able to create allied events with us.

Other Ranks


As a Trainee, you have passed the application process and are about to become a full staff member with us at Ryanair. You cannot yet work for us at flights but you may attend a training in order to be promoted to a Low Rank.

Low Ranks

These ranks are the start of the staff ranks. You may wish to apply for any of these ranks if we are hiring for them. If you are one of these ranks and work hard enough, you may be promoted to a higher rank.

Ground Crew

As a ground crew staff member, you are expected to ensure ground operations are operational and you must complete baggage, taxi, and vehicle tasks.


As a Security member, you must check anyone coming into the airport and patrol the airport for rule breakers and report them to a High Rank.

Cabin Crew

As Cabin Crew your duty is to operate plane tasks like serving food, performing the safety demonstration and more.

Senior Cabin Crew

Senior Cabin Crew are more trained, professional staff members. They must do the same as Cabin Crew, but they are there to ensure Cabin Crew are doing their jobs properly.

First Officer

The job of a First Officer is to Co-Pilot the plane, ensure the pilot is doing his job properly and take over as captain if the pilot has to leave.


Captain’s are the heart and soul of the plane, they must ensure the plan takes off at one destination and touches down smoothly at another. Without these staff, the plane is just a tube of metal.

Medium Ranks

As a Medium Rank, you’re job is to help the High Ranks do their duties by offering them a hand or stepping in when they’re busy.

Head of Departments

As a Head of Department, your job is to manage the position in flights that you were set to. You must also assist High Ranks.

High Ranks

As a High Rank, you are are expected to host different flights, manage the group and more.

Flight Manager

As a Flight Manager, you are expected to manage and host flights.

Board of Director

As a Board of Director, you are expected to supervise the Flight Managers, host flights, and manage operations.

Head of Operations

As the Head of Operations, you must manage all operations in Ryanair. Most things go through you before the CEO or Executives.


As an Executive, your job is to manage Ryanair as a whole while CEO’s are busy. You must host flights and trainings, manage flights and more.

Ryanair Executive Team.

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