Rank Guide For JONR!

To The Curious Jedi & Robloxians –

Hello everyone! My name is Ben Senko, and I am the Grand Master of (JONR) Jedi Order Of The New Republic! Member or not, I’m excited that you’re reading this. Chances are, this is taking me a long time to write up, but look no further for information you are looking for!

- How to Rank Up:

When you first join the group, you start off as a Youngling. This is where everyone starts, believe it or not, even I started here once before!

How to Become An Initiate:

  • Successfully complete 2 training sessions as a Youngling.
  • Have the training instructor recommend a promotion.

How To Become A Padawan:

  • Successfully complete 4 training sessions as an Initiate.
  • Be chosen by a Jedi Knight or higher to be your Master.
  • Have it approved by approved by a Jedi Master or higher.

I Can’t Find A Master!! (Jedi Academy)

  • If you have completed two training’s successfully, but can’t find a Master, you can join the Jedi Academy ranks.
  • To do this, simply message a Jedi Councillor or higher and request that you be added to the Academy.

How to Become a Jedi Knight:

  • Have your Master or Academy instructor recommend you for trials.
  • Able to recite The Jedi Code and give a thorough explanation of what each line stands for.
  • Choose which advanced path best suits you, with your Master’s guidance. (Guardian, Consular, or Sentinel).
  • Participate in a creative combat trial held by the Master.
  • Answer three random open ended questions regarding your place in the Order.

HOW TO BECOME A MASTER: (Link will be here)

Written by BenSenko. This guide is subject to change. DRAFT #1.
The second draft will include a way to help rank up by obtaining your Lightsaber Crystal. Our Ilum isn’t finished yet so we simply cannot include this in the first draft.