Rank Icons for Operation Scorpion

Hello guys,

Game: Operation Scorpion - Roblox

I am the creator of Operation Scorpion, a first person shooter game on Roblox. Competitive season is coming up, and we are on the works of creating one of the most intricate ranking systems on the Roblox platform. Along with the framework, are various ranking icons to determine player’s skill level and such.

I’m looking for a graphics artist who can create some good looking ranking icons for the game. I’m looking at 5,000R$/uniqueIcon which is around 17.5$/uniqueIcon. Payment is flexible and negotiable.

In terms of what I’m looking for:

Of course, I’m not expecting this kind of quality. I’m just looking for an icon with 3D depth, and artistic style to it, than the mainstream flat designs.

Even if you’re in doubt, contact me if you just have a bit of interest on working on this commission. And as always, let me know if you have any concerns/questions.

You can also DM me on discord: @cbmaximillian#0030

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