Rank information [King Hotels]

Here you can find the rank information from King Hotels!

Ranking Cooldown:

SHR - 15 days

HR - 10 days

MR - 5 days

LR - 1 day

This is basically the Highest rank in the group, they setup the group, and Manage it with the vice-chairperson.

This is the Highest rank you can get through promotions, its the second highest rank. They help the Chairman Manage the group.

Executive Advisor:
The Executive Advisor, are here to oversee all of the LR’s, MR’s, HR’s, and SHR’s. They can get promoted to Vice-Chairperson, by the owner.

Group Manager:
Group Managers need to Manage the group and the dizzy, they can decide thinks like promotions and announce important thinks. You can get promoted to GM if you are a Overseer and if you work hard.

Community Manager:
Community Managers help the community, and they oversee the HR ranks. They can promote people.

Overseer are almost the same as a GM, but they can’t give out promotions they need to ask a GM. You can get promoted to a Overseer if you are a Public Relations Officer.


Public Relations Officer (P.R.O):
Public Relations Officers can help Overseer they are the highest HR and need to work very hard and need to be very active to get a promotion. They will get admin commands in the game.

Board Of Directors:
Board Of Direcrors are the second highest HR they will help the P.R.O (Public Relations Officer). They will get admin commands

Executives are the first HR, they can host/co-host sessions, they need to do at least 3 sessions with a approved HR/SHR to be approved. They will get admin commands.


Shift Manager:
Shift Managers are the last MR they need to work hard and be professional to get promoted to a HR - Executive. They can Co-Host shifts.

Head Security:
Head Security need to supervise Securitys and can ask a GM+ to promote Securitys, to Supervisor.

Head Receptionist:
Head Receptionists need to supervise Receptionist and can ask a GM+ to promote Receptionists, to Supervisor.

Head Barista:
Head Baraistas need to supervise Baristas and can ask a GM+ to promote Baristas, to Supervisor. They are given mod power.

Supervisor are the first MR, they need to supervise the Trainees and need to work hard to be ranked to a Head Barista/Receptionist/Security.


Securitys need to keep the Hotel save from troller, spammer and exploiter they are given Detain tools to cuff the players. They can get promoted to Supervisor.

Receptionists need to work at the reception, if someone is trolling/spamming/exploiting they can call a security to cuff them. They can get promoted to Supervisor.

Baraistas need to work at the bar/restaurant, they need to serve guests and need to make the food. They can get promoted to Supervisor.

If you have any questions ask on dizzy.