Rank Management Center

I need help scripting rank management center. If you dont know what it is, it is place where bot gives you rank in group if you have gamepass. I heard it is hard to do something like this.

My question is, what do I need to do to make something like this?

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There is a youtube video to that.

You will need a new account with a very strong password with 2-step verification, and needs to be in your group and in a rank where it can rank anyone below its rank.

It’s best practice to put your Token (The URL you’re not meant to share) in the .env file. Typically environment files are used to store tokens/keys that aren’t meant to be shared publically.

Also, make sure to check the pinned comment before watching the entire video.

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Is this what your looking for? https://my-center.net/
Not sure if this is still active, it looks like it is though.

No, this is application center.

I heard that glitch.me is not good for things like that.

I saw a comment recommending repl.it as a better alternative, so maybe try that?

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Honestly, why even doing rank center? It looks like lazy cash grab like all hotels do.

Most of earnings hotels get are from this. If this wouldnt exist, hotels and cafes would be poor as hell

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