Ranks | Names Association

Hello there! We are Names Association, a new and upcoming cafe and restaurant group on Roblox. We are one of the upcoming development groups on Roblox.

This post will be containing all of our current ranks, both in our communication server and in our group.

Cashier (Group+Server)
Administration (Server)

So, without further we do, let’s get this started!

Trainee (Group+Server)
Janitor (Group+Server)
Cashier (Group+Server)
Security (Group+Server)
Chef (Group+Server)

Head of Security (Group+Server)
Head of Cashier (Group+Server)
Head of Chef (Group+Server)
Management (Group+Server)
Senior Management (Group+Server)

Shift Manager (Group+Server)
General Manager (Group+Server)
Board of Directors (Group+Server)

Chief Financial Officer (Group+Server)
Chief Communications Officer (Group+Server)
Chief Staff Officer (Group+Server)
Vice-Chairman (Group+Server)
Chairman (Group+Server)

Developer (Group+Server)
Lead Developer (Server)
Critical Customer Service (Server)
Customer Support (Group) (HR/SHR) (Game)
Head of Customer Service (Server)
Critical Head of Customer Support (Group) (CSG) (HR/SHR) (Game)
Community Engagement Member (Server)
Administration (Server) (HR/SHR)
Executive Team (Server) (HR/SHR)
Application Team (Server) (SHR)
Support Team (Server)

This is our current ranks, both in our group and in our communication server. We have the right to either add new ranks or remove ranks at any time.

Last Updated: March 2020