Rapid animations blending despite having legacy blending attribute

hi! so theres this strange thing im unsure of how to fix, i have a rapid punch tool which constantly plays two animations on the same priority one after the other, the problem is that after a few punches, one of the arms starts blending with the others movements despite me having the legacy blend in the workplace’s attributes.

i’ve tried messing around with the weights via anim:Play() – having it be over 1 weight, but it still does it.
in the video you can see after a few punches itll start blending either the left arm or right arm

this is a little portion of code where it plays the animation

local anim = tool.Parent:FindFirstChild("Humanoid").Animator:LoadAnimation(animation)
anim:Play(.1,2) -- messing with the weight here didnt seem to do anything, unless i go below 1. which doesnt help in my favor

any help would be great as im currently stumped on this, it shouldnt have a blend due to the attribute which it doesnt, but then it brings it back after a few swings? its strange…