Rare Smoothie Shop - Alliance Guide

Rare Smoothie Shop - Alliance Guide
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Enclosed in this post you will find the alliance guide which must be used if you want your group to form an alliance between us. Here you will find the expectations and questions to DM us if you happen to be allying. If you’re looking to affiliate with us, there are some certain requirements that your group must achieve before being eligible for a potential alliance.

  • Your group must NOT sell ranks.
  • It must have at least 3 LR ranks, 3 MR ranks, 2 HR ranks and 3+ HR ranks, (or derivatives).
  • Your group must NOT be army/war orientated.
  • Your group’s personnel must be professional in our games or discord server, and look somewhat professional in your own. Grammar is not a requirement as we do not enforce it on our server.
  • Your group must have a proper roblox group, communications server with documents and guidelines that are useful.
  • You must respect our group and not do anything that doesn’t meet our guidelines.
  • You must announce our events regularly, just like we would announce yours.
  • Your group must have a minimum of 30 non-botted members.
  • You must have a minimum of 1 allied representatives in our server, our maximum is three.
  • Your staff must be active within our premises; this is to say, we should receive at least 2 visits a month.


  1. Write your application (we recommend writing it on a doc) with the answers of the questions (located below).
  2. Send it to a member of the Correlations department on our Discord server. You can make a ticket under #support.
  3. Be patient and wait to see if we accept or decline your application (this may take up to 48 hours).
  4. If your application is accepted, please follow the steps we give you.


What is your group’s name? (Include a brief description of what your group is and link to the group)
How many members are in your group currently?
How can we benefit you?
How can you benefit us?
Who will be representing you in our Discord server? (Include their Roblox username and Discord username/tag)

Approved by the RSS Leadership Team

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