Rare Smoothie Shop - Recipe Guide

Rare Smoothie Shop - Recipe Guide
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Learn how to make all of our delicious drinks! :tropical_drink:


Strawberry Surprise: Strawberries (x2), Yogurt (x1), Milk (x1), Ice (x1), Blend
Blueberry Bash: Blueberries (x1), Bananas (x1), Milk (x2), Ice (x3), Blend
Watermelon Blast: Watermelons (x2), Strawberries (x1), Juice (x2), Honey (x1), Blend
Kool Kale: Water (x1), Kale (x2), Bananas (x3), Ice (x1), Blend
Magnificent Mango: Milk (x1), Mango (x3), Bananas (x2), Yogurt (x1), Blend
Banana Fanana: Bananas (x3), Milk(x1), Oranges (x1), Yogurt (x1), Blend
Apples nā€™ Berries: Apples (x2), Blueberries (x1), Yogurt (x1), Ice (x1), Blend
Popular Pineapple: Bananas (x2), Pineapple (x3), Yogurt (x1), Milk (x1), Blend
Cool Carrot: Carrots (x4), Honey (x1), Water (x2), Ice (x1), Blend
Preppy Pumpkin: Pumpkin (x2), Bananas (x2), Milk (x1), Ice (x1), Blend
Limey Lemons: Lime (x3), Lemon (x3), Honey (x1), Yogurt (x1), Milk (x1), Blend
Oh, Honeydew!: Honeydew (x1), Pineapple (x1), Juice (x1), Honey (x1), Milk (x2), Ice (x2), Blend
Perfect Peach: Peach (x2), Yogurt (x1), Milk (x1), Bananas (x2), Honey (x1), Blend
Pear Perfection: Pears (x2), Milk (x1), Apples (x2)m Juice (x1), Ice (x1)
Pretty Pomegranate: Pomegranate (x2), Milk (x1), Ice (x2), Honey (x1), Blend
Cha-Cha Cherry: Cherries (x2), Peaches (x1), Ice (x1), Milk (x2), Juice (x1), Blend
Coco Coconut: Coconut Milk (x1), Shredded Coconut (x1), Yogurt (x1), Ice (x2), Blend

Ice Cream

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