Rarity System, with increasing Luck

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    I’m trying to make a Rarity System, similar to Sword Factory X, with increasing Luck, that than gets rid of the item within the LootTable after it too common

  2. What is the issue? Include screenshots / videos if possible!
    I know how to make a simple Rarity System, but I don’t understand how to add luck and than eliminate items that are too common

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    I’ve searched all over for a explanation but no clear vision, if someone can demonstrate a simple version for me that would be wonderful.

local weights = {100, 50, 200, 1}

local Target = 200

local MaxLuck = 20

local AdjustedWeights = {}

for Luck = 0, 20 do
	print("luck value:", Luck)
	for i, weight in ipairs(weights) do
		local fraction = Luck / MaxLuck
		local distance = Target - weight
		AdjustedWeights[i] = weight + distance * fraction
	table.foreach(AdjustedWeights, print)