[RATA] Dress code

Robloxian Adventures Training Academy is a mountaineering school which focuses on real life scenarios and how to overcome them. It is a specialty school which trains climbers to become professionals. We have trained hundreds of successful guides who continue to scale the different mountains Roblox has to offer,while helping new comers in the community. We have strict standards when it comes to trainings - to ensure everyone can get a quality training. We achieve this with the help of our professional and dedicated staff team. We also believe professionalism is required in order to be successful and a good part of professionalism comes from standardization of procedures and a dress code. We are introducing a new dress code to uphold our standards and make trainings more professional.

Students are required to have:

If you cannot afford the uniform, then it will be provided in-game.

What you can wear:

  • Realistic Hair
  • Realistic Glasses (No sun glasses)

What you cannot wear:

  • No packages
  • No hats
  • No accessories (with the exception of realistic hair and realistic glasses)
  • No T-shirts

Instructors are required to wear:

All student dress code rules apply to the instructors. Board of Directors+ do not have to follow the dress code if they are not hosting, co-hosting, or supervising.

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