Rate 3rd person/fps game experience


Been working heaps on this quite proud of how far its come, here’s an old video:


Feedback I have is that it decimated my ear drums, to say lightly I think its to loud, other than that, when does this game release?? I cant wait for it to be out it looks great!


Not to sure about the volume. I usually have it at 50%, maybe that resulted in me making the sounds too loud. However, I played the video at max volume on both yt and my pc, and it wasn’t super loud for me? But I shall see what other people say.

No set release date, trying to hustle a slightly optimized and polished version of the game before releasing a proper pre-alpha. Little hard with school though.

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Well best of luck to you! I look forward to seeing more of your work!


I like it, good job, but:
I’d personally say that the echo on the gun audio is a bit too much and for some reason mouse sensitivity increases when you ADS. The 3rd person guns on your back disappear when you enable shift lock.

when you ADS…? Could you please tell me what that means?

Edit: gotcha and fixed it thx

I love this game

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sorry could’ve written it out, aim down sight :slight_smile:

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