Rate boss intro

boss intro for the final boss in my game


I think you could put a little more time between when he speaks as it was hard for me to read because he was talking so fast.

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Alright good idea

Why not trying to make it a cutscene?

The most of people in roblox (that I see) like very games just because cutscenes.


because it is very short and I don’t think it is needed

If it’s the final boss, then try to put some more emphasis. I think a cutscene would be better.


I would definitely look creating a cutscene with a typewriter text style animation. It makes the final boss seem more important and creates a smooth look to everything, rather than the quick textboxes that appear above his head and are quite difficult to read. Finally slow it down a bit; this is the final boss so you don’t want everything happening as fast as it currently is.

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First of all, around 3 seconds into the video, there’s a little jump to the boss arena. Try to remove that. Secondly, the dialogue goes by way too quickly and it’s way too short for a final boss. Finally, the fact that it instantly begins the moment he finishes speaking feels a bit off. Usually bosses will have like a quick animation first.

it’s based off a boss from ultrakill, with a quick intro that catches u off guard

and since then I have added voice acting

Well that doesn’t change the issues with the dialogue speed.