Rate limited from uploading Bulk Import

Hey there, Roblox has a built-in feature just for bulk importing sounds and images. Yet after uploading too many at around 150 I get banned from doing so in 2 hours, then after around 100, I get banned from doing so again in 24 hours. I’m just working on a plugin where I got 500 icons that are shown at different places etc.

So how do I not get myself banned from uploading plugins/game files?
Is it really worth having everything go through Roblox’s servers to just get banned for the weirdest stuff, and how do I go around this, don’t want to wait 7 days the next time I try…

There aren’t really much options that Roblox has left. The best thing you can do is really just to wait for your rate limit to be over, or use a (or multiple) dummy accounts for uploading all your decals. Even if one gets banned temporarily (e.g. a day), you can still move on to the next account and just wait for all the bans to be over.