Rate my building

So I’m working on a nightclub, Really not sure if the building all good all and needs like better done.


8/10 is the first image, showing particles coming from the stage? Or actual cannon’s? Overall the images displayed show the likeness to a nightclub as well as giving it a sci-fi modern feeling theme.

Overall great build

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Thank you. The Particles are effects. the Pink Effects are the Spotlights!

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Around the main dance floor (second picture) looks a bit empty I recommend maybe adding some seating or a bar to fill it up a bit.
Looks really nice and neon keep it up!

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Thank you for the feedback! I will be working on bar. There most likely by the stairs above was going be one for the VIPs.

The build you made looks really good, like all the details yo added to it.

My Suggestions

  • On the first image i would suggest you add. Some speakers on the stage part and you should scale the stage a bit more, it looks a little to small!!

  • Also on the second image i would add some, of those spot lights hanging from the ceiling part as showed below. And on the third image i would suggest you add some more brighter lights, to the place as you can see it looks a little dark!!

  • And for the fourth image i would suggest you add some! i would add some tables in the middle of the chairs and add. Some more brighter lights to it, and fix the chairs as seen below in the corner. I would suggest you do that.


Also change this to the right category. #development-support:building-support

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It looks really good as it looks just like a real life club. I would recommend adding some more seating. It’s really good keep up the good work.