Rate my custom pirate themed chat system

this is what i made and yes it works


You could also change the image of scroll bar and change the font.

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Yes I can but idk to which image for scrollbar

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Maybe something like this?

heres a update! that you may like

The font is really good, but can you increase the value of ScrollBarThickness property? And make the image of scroll bar a bit darker.

hmm ok wait a second

naa dark looks really bad i guess something else


But why is it so blurry?chars

this is cause i changed your image lemme try with another

Looks cool. Another suggestion I may make is how about a little script that replaces specific words with Ye Olde English/Pirate speak equivalents? E.g. “Your” → “yer”, “Yes” → “Aye”, “Them” → “Em”, etc


i was legit thinking about that for a long time but i dont know if that possible cause doing that for ever single word would take a TRILLIOn years

Its better now. But what about details?

what do you mean by that? i dont understand

Currently it looks like a line with gradient. By details I mean some cuts or creases.

hmm yea i dont know

i have found a api https://pirate.monkeyness.com/api/translate?english=What%20is%20an%20API? that does Wha' ye jus' said