Rate my cyberpunk "city"

I dont really build on this any more but I thought it would be useful for me to receive some criticism on a cyberpunk city i was making so i can take it into consideration for future projects (if i make any)

So yeah, if you nice people could tell me how much the assets would be worth in its current state and maybe some criticism, that would be nice.

(ignore all the stuff outside the playable area, its just clutter and stuff i was testing)




It’s a very interesting build, you can see where you put a lot of effort in some areas, however there are a few spots that should be changed in my opinion.

This Motorcycle shop, I’m assuming, is cool concept, and would work well for this environment, but the room itself is a bit stale, it’s just a square it could use some definition and detail. Things such as posters, tires, or plaques might help that issue.

I think a small bit of reflectance on the bricks work, however I think you should decrease it a bit

On the under part of the city there are some parts that are clipping through each other, very simple fix.

Otherwise, it’s a pretty nice build. I wouldn’t put a price tag on it just yet as it really looks unfinished.


thanks for the feedback! ill take what you said into consideration!

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Wow it looks really nice. It’s a great start!


  • Like @hqtm said the ground is too reflective. I think you’re going for a rainy look but currently I think it’s too reflective.Maybe if you added more water textures/puddles it could help this but I think it looks too shiny right now:

  • Maybe add access/ a door to this store:

  • I feel like there should be more counters or something next to the oven. Also in the back room of this mini cafe/ restaurant (which is empty right now) I think there should be storage boxes/shelves or something to fill up some space:

  • This garage/ mechanic place is a little bit empty. Maybe add something else in there.

It’s a great start and there are many things I really like about it. I think this is going to be an amazing build. Good luck! :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:


once more i appreciate your feedback, it means alot!

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I like the concept you’re putting into it, it’s a very good start but do be careful with having parts collide inside each other my only critique.


Exploring around your “Cyberpunk City" it is really decent! I like the different details you added, to it as well the color scheme/material looks amazing. However there is a couple of things i’ll add/fix to your city to make it stand out. More i see you added the details to it looks amazing! There could be a little more details added, to it to look more better overall i’ll add some details. And texture to look more better!!

Motorcycle Shop
The shop that’s implemented inside your city, is a really good concept. However when i walk into the place it looked a little to empty! I would recommend you add different styles of bikes instead of having to, you could add a Akira Bike 2077, The Psychotic Kawasaki Ninja, Viper Claw, The Lotus C01 Black, ect. Those are the (Cyberpunk Motorcycles) that your city needs mostly those are the styles! To match with the color, texture, material, concept, try adding those to the shop so it could look a little more detailed. As well i would add some texture, details, inside the shop so it could look more! Improved as most cyberpunk shops have, different kinds of textures such as Liquid Marble Waves, Sci-Fi Hexagon Tiles, Lighted Circuit Board, Metal Panels, ect. Try adding some kind of textures to your! Building instead of having it plain, and in the shop you could add some tools, tires, jack stand, helmet, hanging lights, gloves, shelves, ect. That’s what your motorcycle shop needs you could. Try adding a couple of details not to much!!!

Know your (Cyberpunk City) needs some material to the buildings inside area you could. try adding some brick, stone, tiles, metal panels, ect. And as i said above try adding some different textures on the street, sidewalks, walls, building, so it could look more decent! I would just add some Sci-Fi Hexagon Tiles, Lighted Circuit Board, Neil Blevins Texture, to your scene so it could look a lot more better, just try adding some of those to your. Cyberpunk City as that’s what mostly what the texture and material! That’s implemented into the city i would recommend you do that as, seen below you could see what the texture. Material they used inside the city part.


I really like the style your going for a “Cyberpunk City” and i think it looks really good, as i said above try adding some texture, shelves, motorcycles, to the inside part so it could look more detailed as well textures to the floor. If you plan on adding details to your stop and the city i would recommend you add some here is a couple, of things i’ll add to your “city” so it could! Look more better and, improved a lot more like. Overall you’ve done a, incredible job on your cyberpunk city!!


  • Palm Trees, Grass, Chairs
  • Hanging Signs, Dead Trees, Recycle Bins
  • Street Lights, Cars, Garbage Cans, Broken Rocks
  • ATM Machines, Tables, Hanging Lights & Building Posters
  • Boxes, Air vents, Trash, Tall Buildings, & Motorcycles Base Cable
  • Workshop Stool, Window Shutter, Security Camera & Battery 984 Tris

Well since there still being worked on, i would say around 500/300 or more depending on the high quality detailed (Cyberpunk City) if you plan on making the whole city or different assets. I would go a little more! If you complete the assets and improve them some more, they could be more (Correct Me If I’m Wrong)

Anyways, you have done a amazing job, on your “Cyberpunk City” it looks really good it just needs some details to it so it could look more improved, hope to see the final city soon! Overall the details i listed. Above is what your city need such as texture, material, details, ect. Try adding those so it would look a lot more, better can’'t wait to see more of your work very soon.


cheers! do you know any websites that have some neat cyberpunk/ city like textures? thanks for the criticism!

Sadly i don’t seem to have any, websites that have, any (Cyberpunk textures) i don’t believe there is a site that even has! Those different types of textures. But there might be some textures! Out there that have a couple of cyberpunk textures available, but i don’t seem to have any. Textures that i can provide you with!!

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Cyberpunk isn’t an easy theme to tackle, it requires attention to small details. Interesting take on it, I would definitely spend more time on adding smaller details to certain areas. Like the motorcycle shop, pretty empty. Otherwise I love a fellow cyberpunk enthusiast! I am personally hiring builders to make me a cyberpunk map for an upcoming game.