Rate my first Build

I was working on my portfolio game and made this house for it. I was wondering if builds of this quality can get me commissions and how can i make them better. It does not have an interior right now.


It looks very good!
It’s pretty basic, I’m not sure if someone would hire you, but with a bit of practice you can become very experienced!

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Your build is very nice and this is good, Keep Going :clap:

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For a first build, it looks pretty good, it’s a bit bland and the yellow coloring on the front wall is a bit out of place, however, I can see the look you were going for. Keep it up!


What is inside the house? There has to be an interior if it has transparent glass, right?

I didn’t have an idea of what to put in it. I just used some colors on the walls visible from outside to not make it look like it’s empty.

Furniture. You should make a new topic in #help-and-feedback:creations-feedback after adding furniture to see what others think.

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good job better than my first time 9.5/10 :+1:

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If this is your first build, I must say it looks awesome! I wish you good luck with other builds in the future.

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For a first build it’s pretty good.