Rate my first build!

This is my Very First build, this is the first time i use blender to build a low poly maps.
Is this good enough?
(My little brother makes the house. while all the trees and rocks and terrain is made by me.)

Edit : Thanks for all the replies! i’ll try making the rock smoother and also thanks for the tip on making houses! i really appreciated it! :grin: :pray:


The trees look good. I don’t like the house, it just reminds me of the free models from 2008. When it comes to the rocks I would connect some of them to make these hills look smoother.

I guess that the house would look better if the builder put more effort in it. I assume that your brother doesn’t have much experience in building so that is the reason why it looks like that.

Practice makes perfect so I wish you and your brother good luck. That’s where everyone starts, no one is born a master. I hope that this will help you rather than discourage.



The low poly trees look pretty good but you could change the trunk of them a a bit because the trunk doesn’t look too low poly, if you’re using blender then you could make one or two cuts in the trunk and then twist them a bit, it would give the trunk that low poly look.


The building looks pretty well done except I don’t really like the windows and the roof, for the windows, you could make the glass neon (I recommend orange or blue) and make the gaps in the shutters/blinds bigger.


The terrain looks very good, especially with the low poly rock design around the map but you could make it better by adding nature assets, for example, grass, bushes, more trees and many more to pick from. If you don’t know how to make them then I recommend searching up a tutorial on youtube to help you out.


For your first build this is pretty good.

The House:
In my opinion the house looks like a stable, maybe add a path or more windows to make it look like someone lives there. I also can’t tell if its just me or the house looks very blocky/bulky.

The Hills/Rocks:
The hills/rocks look very jagged, try making them a bit smoother.

Overall though its really great for your first build!




For a first build, this is pretty good! I like the low poly atmosphere! However, I advise adding more windows & using vibrant colours for the house, as it currently looks like a shed. You can also increase the importance of the house by adding a fence around it, or possibly a pathway/walkway.

Here are a few examples of some basic low poly houses-

Congrats on your first build! Good luck, and thank you for reading~


The map really looks cute. The trees really stands out compared to many Roblox trees that I’ve seen. The stones look pretty rough, but that’s what I expect from a rock lol. Its also sweet that you had your little brother to make a house for you.


Yeah, my brother wants to be a builder, i told him to use blender so he can make good things.
but he keep saying that blender is too hard. lol

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I love the terrain and the trees. I suggest you change up the house I agree with @Kacper It does look like a model from 2008.

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I have no clue what those like orange spills of blood are supposed to actually be, maybe rocks or leaves?
Either way I’d consider adding detail to whatever those are or just deleting them cause they confuse me somewhat

I’d add more vegetation to the place too like bushes n stuff, and flowers too, because that would make it more colorful.

I also dislike the house,the placement of the window is really awkward, there’s no doors (probably cause of the angle of the house, but if that’s the case then I’d rotate it so the door part faces the camera as the house doesn’t have a lot of character to it right now)

I’d also add a chimney with smoke coming off of it to the house to add more character but it’s like a forest house so ehh… maybe not.

I do like the trees though, but I just noticed there’s no pathway to your house, so if you wanna get to it you’d have to walk through grass.

Also considering this is like a forest house i’d add like a bunch of trees in the background cause the background seems to be pretty empty

I know this has been a pretty bitter review but for a first build it looks pretty nice!


In My Opinion . . .

Here is How I Would Rate It

Terrain 7/10

Because there are more things you can add like

  • Rocks
  • Paths
  • Bushes
  • Flowers
  • A Little River

House 5/10

So there are a few reasons why a 5/10

  1. The Window Shutters
  2. On the Whole House i See 2 Colors (if you where going for a Cabin Look Then i Suggest At least a few Different Shades Of Brown For The Walls)

Trees 9/10

They Are Good

The Border Stones With Grass On Them 8/10

Why Mostly The Placing Of Then. and i recommend like making at-least 6 different shapes in blender to make in look more realistic But other then that Good job on the rest map

Thanks for reading my post !

i hope it helps


those orange spills actually is dirt, like you know in most low poly simulators they add some brown thingy onto the ground which makes it looks like dirt.

Yes i saw that and i love it so maybe if you layered it Like

It might add more detail its usually the little details that matter the most

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