Rate My Game Castle Tycoon

Hi Can You Guys Rate My Game Its Called Castle tycoon my game is really unique and different tycoon game I also made lot of extra things so players will not bored

:bulb:Build Your Castle and Get Rebirths, Customize Your Castle , Roleplay With Friends, Explore World, Fight With Your Enemy, and So Much More!

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It looks like a game description… It shouldn’t be here.

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I played the game and well…

The game is surprisingly decent(at least better than the cash grab boring ass tycoon game), there is quite a polished stuff and it looks pretty nice. Although there is indeed some problem here: The money give rate is 15s, which is pretty long and boring, you get money so slow makes the game feel slow-paced, and you have to wait a long time to get expensive stuff.

Also, @EliottENAnnoucement is actually right, we(as a real developers) don’t fall for the trick of emoji and flashy text, we are more mature than casual Roblox’s player base(most of the time). But it is ok to put it in the game description, maybe add more emoji in the game title and pay some ads to get more players.

(I don’t play the whole game so I don’t have the overall review of the game)

But anyway, good luck!

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There’s too much tycoons on Roblox, so if the ad isn’t amazing and better than all others tycoons’ ads, it won’t work.

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Dude :skull: You stole a thumbnail and description from a game you have favourited on your main account.


@GibusWielder Its not stolen Its Main Game and That Game Was Main Game Its Also My Game

Why would you have another version of the game? The group version already has over two thousand visits.

its testing place and main game was group game