Rate my game idea

My idea is an orchestra, when you join in the game, you can choose a save file or create one, when you chose or created a save file, you are asked to do a tutorial.


You have a default number of musician in your orchestra, 5 violinist, 5 percussionist, 5 brassist, 5 celloist, 5 woodwindist


When you click on a musician, you can open the music editor, you can create melodies, similar to FL Studio.

You can press the button that makes your orchestra perform to NPC’s, players can watch the performance as well, after that they can give a rating, from 1 - 10 based on the experience levels of the musicians, then from the rating, they are paid coins.

They can use the coins to buy more musician or customize the orchestra.

You can save the orchestra with data store.

  • Good idea, game will last a long time
  • Good idea, game will last a short time
  • Bad idea, game won’t survive

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so my singing monsters in roblox


Pretty much the same game. need more character

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As a composer I just wish you were more specific with instruments :sweat_smile:

Not sure on “brassist, percussionist and woodwindist.” What specific instruments were you thinking? Trumpets? Horns? Timpani? Glockenspiel? Oboe? Cor anglais?

The two instruments you settled on, violin and cello, seem like a good pair. Although not sure if you’re going to split the violins into violin I’s and II’s, which would give an unbalance to the cellos.

Might I suggest letting the player start with two violins (I and II), a viola, a cello and then a bass.

For woodwinds they can have a flute, oboe and clarinet.

Then a slimmed down brass section of a trumpet and a horn.

For percussion a snare, bass drum, timpani and glockenspiel.

Of course there could be other instruments the player could buy but the starting instruments listed above are more standard to an orchestra and would give enough room to work with for the player to create music! If you need any more ideas I’ll be glad to share.


There were too many instruments so I listed the generic.


Where are you going to get the instrument sounds from?


percussion and woodwinds are a wide variety of instruments. I’m not a percussionist or woodwindist so im not exactly sure what your options are, but a specific instrument would be better and more practical for an audience of people who may or may not be interested in taking up an instrument.

I’m gonna run this up the flagpole and see if you salute: my idea is to give the player the ability to customize their instrument, choosing settings for the sound optimization of the instrument.

**PS. i play the viola, so i am obviously a trustworthy source,!!!11!1 add viola now or you lose kneecaps!!!