Rate my game idea

Hello, developers.

My idea is to create a scripting game, where you just learning. When you join the game you will go through some phases of roblox scripting. At the end of one lesson you have to create a small script of what you have learned.

There will be:

1. Easy Lessons = something like find, print and more…
2. Intermediate Lessons = something like functions…
3. Hard Lessons = something like scripting a whole script with everything…

You also get money with which you can buy premium lessons in the game, unlock access to a free model discord, scripting help, free lessons on scripting, and much more…

There will also be a replay of any lesson ( Teleport, but you will have to unlock it by completing the lesson ).

I’m also thinking about a spectating mode ( you can follow any players and their scripts and much more ).

In some future update I would like to add a so called creative mode which will include:

1. Creating your own scripts and parts with everything
2. You will be able to release the game at the end of development, players will be able to play it and there will be features like looking into the scripts of your game. But I don’t know if I could do it myself.
3. Games will be able to be rated, based on the ratings, the most popular, most liked etc… will be rewarded with robux, which they will get from the earnings of my game.

Where will the robux from the game go?

1. Back into the game, for ads, and if there are devs who can help me with anything, they’ll get almost half. ( Depending on what they did, whether a smaller or larger portion in the game )
2. For giveaways for the most popular, most liked games and classic giveaways on discord.

and more…


1. You just walk around the map and fill out scripts and try to learn as much as you can.
2. When the script is created, you can see the results.
3. With hard lessons you create an entire game within the game just for you.

I don’t know if I’ll need someone to help me but I’m the only one making the game and I’m not that good a script writer so the game will have some bugs, broken parts and scripts in beta but I would like to release this game in beta first of August.

Thank you for your review by a reply or by poll!

  • Sounds like a perfect idea! || The game has a chance to blow up and it can last a long time!
  • Sounds like a good idea! || The game has a chance to blow up but it can last a short time.
  • Not that bad idea. || It has a chance to survive on roblox.
  • disgusting idea. || The game won’t survive.

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I would be willing to help you with this! This sounds like a really cool game. Let me know if you would like me to help. DM me on Discord @kingnott.

PS: I don’t want anything in return. :slight_smile:


Are you sure about this mann? but you will get at least a half of the earnings. :smile:


Nah I don’t want any of it. Hit me up if you need help and I’ll help the best I can :slight_smile:


Hello Developers!

I am speaking on behalf of our team, actively working on making this game possible. Responsible for all decisions is, of course, our team lead @robuxgeng1000. If any of this information is incorrect please correct me. :slightly_smiling_face:

The game is scheduled for Beta Release on the 1st of August.

Below are details about specific features of the game:

Easy lessons are the first lessons that the player will go through. (There is not, and never will be, a way to skip stages/levels - that defeats the whole purpose)

  • Easy lessons will have tasks like “Find this button” or “Write this code”, etc.

Intermediate and hard lessons are for more advanced players who have learned the basics. The lessons part of the game is crucial, as everything else in the game bases itself on the players’ progress in scripting.

Although not all of these features will be added upon the first release, money will be a large part of the game. With money, the player is able to purchase new lessons, which would include premium tutorials, generated based on the player’s progress and experience.

  • Players are able to create their own scripts in-game. This will allow players to actually experience what they are creating after it’s made.
  • Once in an advanced position/level, the player is able to publish games to the “Game explorer”. This will be part of a HUGE update in the future. Money from the game will also be able to be made. The player can then spend this money to advance their levels further, put it back into the game for advertising, hire assistants to help them with the game, and so much more.
  • After a game is published in the “Game explorer”, players are then able to rate the game out of 5 stars. If a game gets popular enough (Based on ratings, plays, visits, etc.) then it has a chance of being rewarded with out-of-game Robux. This will hopefully encourage players to create experiences with a potential real outcome, rather than just to earn from it in-game.

Games will be able to be made private/not available in the “Game explorer” if the developer of the game doesn’t want it public.

Again, the initial Beta Release will be on the First of August!

We hope to see you there!


This concept is a great idea! But I would say there is another concept by @boatbomber https://www.roblox.com/games/1334669864/Lua-Learning


I haven’t even heard of the game, but we will try to make the game different than the game you sent us, thank you


What @robuxgeng1000 said is correct. The goal is to make a game that is engaging for players who want to do more than just read and learn. It has a similar concept, however, I believe that ours is different enough to be considered different.


Seems like a Interesting take on Learning to Script, but I do see some downsides to this type of games, I also have a couple of questions about it:

  1. How will this be introduced to users on the Platform?
    Investing in Ads will only work for users whose above the Age of 13 (as if the Current Roblox Advertising Standards), if that doesn’t work, what other ways do you plan on introducing this to a young, or Intrigued Audience?

  2. What would be different between other games that share the same idea?
    If your game is too similar to another already existing game, what would be the point in playing it?
    What will you do differently than the rest that would make the game worth playing?

  3. How will you keep the game up to date?
    As time progresses, the game will slowly get outdated and may become defunct overtime, what steps will you take to ensure the users are getting the most up to date information?

  4. Why should the Players play your game instead of looking into Documentation, or Tutorials?
    There are plenty of Resources out there including Roblox’s Official Documentation on subjects like this, as well as YouTube Tutorials and the DevForum, why should People use this game as an alternative?

It has the Potential to Last on the Platform, but based on other Alternatives, Its very low.
However it can be a very useful and entertaining game, given the right circumstances and Execution.

9/10 Concept tbh.


Hello @DasKairo

I will go through your questions by number. Here we go:

Introduction on the platform:

  • The plan right now is to get it finished and advertised. After advertising had been invested in, growing different communities online will likely be our next important step. YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Discord, etc. are where some of the “younger” developers would be gathered at.

Why our game?

  • So far (please correct me if I am wrong) I have not found a game that has almost the same idea as ours. Most of the “Lua Learning” type experiences on Roblox, which there are very few of, have systems that work similarly to the Roblox Official Documentation or the DevForum. I have yet to uncover one that players can create while learning.

Staying updated!

  • This is a very good question. I am unsure I can answer this question, as I am only speaking as a member of the team, not the team lead. @robuxgeng1000 may be able to answer this question in more detail. From what I have thought about, I can say that if the game is actively being worked on and updated with a functioning team, there is no reason it should become out-of-date or “defunct”. Hope this answers that question.

Our game? Documentation?

  • I strongly believe that the DevForum and Roblox’s Official Documentation is EXTREMELY important when it comes to programming in the studio and with Roblox’s lua-optimized workspace. This game isn’t necessarily an alternative, but more of an experience. It’s a game. Games are meant to have a “storyline”. The idea is that you level up by learning to script and can eventually program your own minigames into the game. Hopefully, our game will be more engaging and inclusive than just opening the studio and starting scripting. Obviously, a lot more goes into making an “actual” game on Roblox than a minigame inside of a game. This game will hopefully be a more stripped-down and fun way to learn and experience coding in Roblox than researching and learning with an internet browser. I should also mention that it will technically support mobile creation as well, meaning that mobile players will be able to create and script with Lua.

Hopefully, this answered most, if not all, of your questions. Thank you for the response!

PS: the rating is nice too :slight_smile:


not necessarily, sure boatbombers lua learning does have the same objective as this (to help people with scripting) but this game has different ways of doing so compared to boatbomber.

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Hello, just a question, would ur game be open to the public by August?