"Rate my game map please"

Hello developers; I am recently working on a basic game map and I would like you to rate it and tell me what you think and how I can improve it.:blush:



It is a good start, I would probably do some more landscaping as well as make the buildings more detailed. Have a few different looking buildings because currently they look all the same.


thanks developer i will take your advice into account

I’d give it a 6/10. I have a couple suggestions for the game that might make the game look a little bit better.

  • First suggestion would be to mix up the buildings and adding some color to them. Mixing up the color, some buildings should be different colors. And also maybe a door for each building, and some roof features.

  • My second suggestion is the surrounding trees and low-poly trees. I suggest that maybe you should change up some trees instead of using all of the same ones, The ones on the outside border look like older-type Roblox trees and should be replaced with more up-to-date trees like the low poly ones you have currently. Maybe try changing the color of some of the low-poly trees to light pink, and light blue just to mix it up.

  • My final suggestion would be to add some detail for the surrounding grass. The grass looks very dark and does not really match with the low poly trees.

Other than that it looks good. Good work, developer! :smiley:

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thank you very much developer I really appreciate your opinion I will take your advice into account and fix some map stuff

Sounds good! I would love to see a updated version when it is ready. If you finish DM me the game link again and I’ll check it out! Good luck!

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thank you i will send you the map link as soon as i finish updating

Hi there, Manupelota!

Looking at your game map, it is pretty basic. Its a good size, and depending on your gameplay style it might work out just fine.

However, some key things I’d like to point out,

You have a script that manipulates time so that there is night and day. However, there are no realistic features to illuminate the map at night such as street lights or car lights.

Tree Consistency
In the middle of the map, you have beautiful low poly trees, but these don’t match with the trees placed on the far ends of the map which are not up to par with the others. I also want to touch base on your placing of trees, because it is too precise. Trees can be planted in certain spots, but they grow in their own way naturally.

Building details
I would give some more variety to the buildings you have so that the map is more complex. Show visible base floors to buildings which are taller and have doors.

The project overall should have various versions of the same model (buildings, trees) to create natural inconsistency. Otherwise, the project has only a few layers of complexity and this discourages players from playing the game due to quality management. So spend a little more time in putting creativity into the map and making it more interesting to explore.

I wish you the best of luck on your creation!

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I agree with you suggestions. A good lighting script would be a good idea, and also the street lights would make the game look more detailed. :smiley:


As others have mentioned, I think building detail should be a key focus here, as the same building over and over ends up getting repetitive.

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Honestly, I think this a pretty ok build. What I would change about it is:

  1. The low poly trees don’t match the environment they are in. Making them blocks would make them feel more natural.

  2. The build overall lacks variety and it all just looks the same. Making building different color and making them bigger or smaller would be nice. Adding bushes and trees together and things like that that add more of an environment would make the map look really nice!

Everything else is pretty good. Keep up the good work!


That basically sums up the feedback in a nutshell, though I thought the trees did fit well.

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I’d give it a 6/10

There is many points many developers in this thread has pointed out. Here are some of mine.

  • The builds looked very copy and pasted, in order to bring out vibrance and consistency in colour variations in your build, I recommend differentiating colours in each of the build.

  • Add some sort of basic supports on the windows, so they don’t stick out, as well as adding supports on the roof, maybe try adding a basic roof onto some of the builds to give it more realism to the build.

  • The area outside the roads look very empty, you should add vegetation, like more trees, flowers, bushes, grass e.t.c

  • The trees beside the buildings are all the same, colour. And like my first point, I suggest you differentiate them in colour by adding different colours into some of the trees.

  • As @greatgavin said, you should add some sort of lighting to your game it spark of the feeling of realism and contrast to your build visually.

  • The trees outside the main build look very off-putting and doesn’t match the environment with the rest of the low poly trees. You should switch them with another form of low poly tree, or if you have an idea and decide to keep those trees there, like my previous point, try to differentiate them by adding colours to some of the trees to make them stand out.

  • The terrain on the grass with the builds doesn’t match with the colour variety of the low poly trees, you should make the terrain a bit brighter.

  • As well with the trees outside of the main build, there’s two branches which have no bush on either sides for every tree of the model. Going back to consistency, you should try to add maybe two bushes in one tree, then two in one tree, e.t.c.

This is really all the points I have. Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Looking at your map you have, it’s a great start for know but it doesn’t seem to have that much details to it to look like a city. Here is a couple of things you should, add to your city to look more better!!

The buildings, look very plain as by looking at some of them i noticed that you copy and pasted, them all through the map i recommend you add some colors to each of your build and add some glass material! to look more like a city. And add different details to the roof part to make it nice, and also you should add different style of buildings i would suggest you do that!!

The trees you have look really decent and nice. However you should add some flower, rocks, and make the trees planted in different areas. As @greatgavin said and you should add some benches and add different styles of! trees to your map to. Look better instead of having them all the same color.

The terrain the grass part, it seems it doesn’t match with the low poly trees. And the building if your making that as low poly as well! and the trees on the side doesn’t seems to be the same as the ones by the building i would. Recommend you change them, and change the bushes to a different shape…!

The sidewalk seems to be really, small you could move the bushes, over some more to give the sidewalk and road more space. And the Yellow Lines that are marked in the road you should change them add more details! to them as showed below…

As for the terrain most city’s have more details added to the terrain like gardens, flowers, trees, rocks, bushes, ect. And even a fountain you should add. That to your map to look more decent and. As others said above! you should add some street lights to your game.



Overall, you have done a great job on your city. It’s also a great start keep it up!

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Looks like a very good start, but here are a few things to consider.

  1. The low poly trees look good, but they are all the same size color and shape, maybe try and make certain trees different colors, styles and size.

  2. All your buildings look copied and pasted it makes the city area a little bit more alive but they need different colors or sizes for example

    My Buildings are massive don’t worry about them being huge.

  3. The grass is too dark lighten it up a bit.

  4. Depending on what the game is about i would add some guis.

  5. Change the trees on the outskirts they don’t match with the low poly trees.

  6. More vegetation for example, rocks, flowers, grass, vines, and maybe even a small lake.

I would say you have a good start to your game nice job!

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I agree with you, I think he should remove the surrounding trees and just spread some low-poly trees around, but keep them in different color to make the game look more detailed, also he could make it a little less gloomy and more eye-appealing. Good eye! :smiley:

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by the way i’m working on updating the map with your suggestions that you gave me :slightly_smiling_face:

Sounds good to me, I can’t wait to see the updated version. Good luck! :rocket:

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Glad to hear you’re taking all these suggestions into account. I hope your game’s finished version ends up looking great!

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