Rate my gfx design

Hi, please rate my gfx design! :smiley:

I have some render problems about render noice…And I not know how to fix it.

I selling that for 20 robux

Here is some gfx:


I like the style, but I don’t like how the grass on the first one (and the paint on third one) occludes the font/character.

Okay. Thanks for feedback. I will take it to my mind.

They look a bit grainy, and yellows shading near the chin area it has a chunk that shaded oddly.

The middle one is a bit glossy too, and the shadings a bit off.


Did you use Cycles render engine for these? Cause I see some noise or grain in them. I would recommend using render engine Eevee but i’m not a pro at GFX yet its just how I do things.
Other than that amazing job better than anything I have made so far!
Great job and happy developing!


Looks pretty cool, did you use blender for this?

Yes. I use it and I write because I can’t send <30.

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Oh yes it really help me! Thank you so much :smiley:

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Ok I will fix it, thanks for feedback

You can minimise noise by turning up the sample count and turning on denoising, although this tends to make it look a bit bad if you have a low sample count.

I really like it! Very well done! I’d give it like an 8-10! Great job! Keep up this great work and can’t wait to see more!:upside_down_face::+1:

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I like them! It is very well composed and it’s a great start. Don’t use Eevee like spyder said, because it favors speed over quality. To remove grain in Cycles, in render settings go to the Denoising dropdown and check Viewport and Render. This will remove grain!

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I was saying i use Eevee cause it removes the noise / grain but im a beginner to GFX still
so i dont know how to remove the grain / noise from Cycles.

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I recommend you use denoising since the posts above explained that it is a bit grainy.

Add a blender lightbox.
Here is one I made.

Cycles is actually better.

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Huh I didn’t know its just really slow to use.
Also what’s a lightbox?

i am not trying to be rude but it looks AMAZING


its just the last one that looks a bit MORE EPIC



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Its so cool! Underated. I like your style!