Rate my gfx design

Hello, I tried to make a gfx. :slight_smile:
I was try to make gfx for groups but results is…


the background pretty good, but the font isn’t a good font for this would be kayak.

now, the character has bad posingand lighting… so improve on that.
also make the character visible up to torso (zoom in on it our make camera visible til torso).

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I recommend to make the text more stronger and put the text “By nobasf1” under the group name.
It’s 7/10 for me.


While the background is detailed enough, I have to agree with @IceTheOneAndOnly. The font doesn’t really match that well with it.

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no that would make it easier to steal lol

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Looks great, maybe add a translucent colour overlay and maybe a different font but otherwise good!