Rate My GFX! please? (first gfx from me)

Hello, although I’m not a GFXer, I just wanna try on how does it feel to be it
so this is my first ever creation on GFX, I’m Trying to make it simple movement, a fighting style
and I made it with my brother avatar, I’m Going for the Black and White theme
Rate it pls!
Software I used:

dhio gfx|494x500


I am not the best GFX artist, but i believe that if you make the character a bit darker on the left and lighter on the right it would make it just a bit better :slight_smile:

that the theme that i was going for e
i was going for Black and White Theme
but Thanks for the Comment!

I like it! Great job and keep up the great work!:upside_down_face::+1:


Hey, uh, maybe make it so that you don’t download the picture? But it’s kinda nice nonetheless.

Really nice for ur first one just focus on lighting maybe add some HDRI if u dont know what that is there’s tutorials on YouTube and maybe for next time maybe add like a pose to the avatar. Great Job though!

thank you!, :smiley:
and thanks for rating it!

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ok alr, imma made it into gyazo, wait for a min!

i want it, to be just a small movement, like he is going “Enough, Your DONE FOR” kind expression
but thanks!