Rate My Graphic Effects (GFX)

Hello, I have just started learning how to use blender, and I have made these images. Rate The Quality Overall Below.


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And yes, if you are interest, or want to commission contact me at cr_im#7043 on discord.


I definitely like the first one the best. It has a playful-esque vibe to it, while keeping it all realistic with lighting, and detailed with the clothing. the tie looks out of place, as it is 3d while the clothing isn’t, and has different lighting with the clothes. Definitely the best.

In the second one, the camera angle really isn’t working, and the lighting is of-point. the stripes are under the arm as well, an there are some weird looking artifacts near the waist.

The third one has good lighting, but the background ruins it. The face is low quality, along with the snowflake, but posing is nice.

Fourth one is low quality posing, models, and background, so I don’t like it.

Seeing as you’re a beginner, and are able to do things like in the first GFX, I really like it.

Keep working hard!

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Thanks for the feedback! The third, and 4th one was actually my first ones so glad I have improved.

Also, another quick follow up, I took your feedback from the image and tried to replicate it. I hope you enjoy :hugs: Only thing I would personally change is the head angle, and how the hand is on the hat.


One thing I would change:

The GFX posing seems to be in R6. Change it to R15. You’ll have much more creative decision, and won’t have to do weird posing either.

Yeah, I was actually thinking of doing a r15 render, thanks for the tip!

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