Rate my lobby [Cleaning Simulator]



So i spended 30mins (because i got a helper if not it was like 2 hours spended) in that lobby and i want you guys to rate it and opinions/suggetions too.


Edit: Im updated it https://gyazo.com/2b30bfab7814873ab9cf0cdd74c1700b


Looks pretty good already, but I think if there was more interesting stuff in the background of the lobby, like clouds or a pretty skybox or something, that would make it much more immersive and full!


Thanks! I just started it 3 days ago so tysm for u suggetion xD


Is there any reason for it being in the dark? Also there is nothing about this lobby that would suggest cleaning or a simulator - it just looks really generic like it could be any game.


Ehh no the dark is for a plugin of Day/Night :confused:


I recommend you get a Day/Night script which optimises the environment you’ve got going or just adjust your lighting settings accordingly for day and night.
I think you’ve got a nice style going on with it. You should put a light on the top of that lighthouse for a nice touch.


Thanks for the suggetion!


You have made a nice start, it looks nice. However, how does this style of lobby meant to be a cleaning simulator? I would associate a town or city with a cleaning game because you could allow players to go into houses and clean them. Lets get to what you made this topic for.

  • First off I would make the bottoms of the islands the same colour to keep it consistent.

  • On the right hand side island it looks like the big rock is floating. Maybe you could push it into the ground a bit.

  • On the left hand island the clock tower thing looks odd. The white and that shade of brown don’t look like the go together well. Maybe you could make the brown a little lighter.

  • Maybe you could try and vary the style of trees. On the second island the lighter trees look copied and pasted and all 3 darker trees look copied and pasted. It is bad practice having copied and pasted trees next to each other. One small thing, may I suggest you make your own trees instead of using a plugin to generate them for you. If you make your own it will make your game look more professional. Blender is a really good program to make trees in.

  • On the first island it looks really odd with that gap between the grass and the bottom of the island. Also it looks odd with that grass hanging over the edge on the first island.

  • I think you will find it hard to make a cleaning simulator with this style of lobby. As this style of lobby looks like an RPG.


I think you’re better off using particles as clouds, or use mesh to recreate those clouds.
What occurred to me now that, you could use a bit more vegetation? It seems to be lacking it a bit.


Looks nice, but you could make it bigger by adding another island.
Also, you should add a few more things, such as a path or a river.


Looks good but if it’s for a cleaning simulator then you could probably make it represent the game. Just an idea.


Ty! That only a lobby i made for the game (it gonna have a bridge to a city and the players need to clean it :confused: )


Looks very nice. But as you have said in the title. “Cleaning Simulator” it does not really match the theme. Try adding something that goes with cleaning, but in general it is amazing.


Ty! That only a lobby i made for the game (it gonna have a bridge to a city and the players need to clean it :confused: )


Nice. I like the idea.





After looking at both images, I want to first say: it’s a good start.
I’d highly recommend adding more depth to the islands however.

Things you can do to improve:

  • Add Pathing so the objects don’t feel randomly placed.
  • Fill in the bottom edge, it takes away immersion. https://gyazo.com/1980bc794617ab212bea2a8dde3592ad
  • Try to add more to the islands, it feels like there’s huge gaps of empty space.

Current rating: Uh, it’d be a lot better if you add more to it haha.

Keep at it!


I recommend you:

  • Expand your lobby
  • Use this for a bright sunny day feeling
  • Make more plants(mushrooms, flowers ect.)
  • Make all the rocks drilled into the ground, and make them look sturdy.
  • Put walls around both of them, but still access to the bridge
  • The left island has to have it’s grass touch the dirt

Other then that, it is amazing, great job! I wish the best for your games!


As you can see in the image, there are floating assets and parts that aren’t connected. Furthermore, the skybox doesn’t seem very Simulator friendly. I also think the map wouldn’t suit your game idea. If i was you; i’d make houses or a town which the user would have to clean.

I would also remove these purple bars as they don’t fit in with style.
Also further on in development, change the lighting because it looks dark and not simulator friendly.
Hope this helps.


Just a minor suggestion:
Try switching out your clouds for blocky ones. That way it ties in with the aesthetic of the rocks/island.

Something similar to these images below: