Rate my logo design

Hello, I made this logo.

This logo cost 50 robux :smiley:
Please rate this logo. :milk_glass: :cookie:

The logo πŸ‰


The text outline seems to be transparent. Can you make the outline not transparent?

Yes I can make not transparent text outline. I thinked it be better.

Hm Like this?

Yes, that looks so much better with the non transparent!

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Oops I now make a wrong name… N*

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7.5/10, could be small improvements. Also, what platform did you make this on? Photopea?

No it is not I used a Photoshop.

7/10, I like it but at the same time it seems pretty generic

The watermelon, and lemonade seem to have different styles such as the watermelon having a black outline.

I like how the background is slightly fuzzy. It reminds me of heat waves you see over a grill over summer and to me, it looks like heat waves representing summer with the watermelon and lemonade.

It says Wattermelom cafe. I’m not sure if that’s on purpose but yeah.

Everything seems perfect to me! However, you may be undervaluing your skills a bit. You should be able to get a bit more compensation from this design.

I also have a small suggestion, the background looks too detailed to be a logo. You should try simplifying it by using common color patterns or blurring out the background a bit.

I hope this was helpful. :smile:

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