Rate my low-poly build


Rate my low-poly building if you have time.Tell me what I can improve.It’s my first Low-poly building.


Thanks for your time!


Looks decent for a first build but it definitely needs improvement and quite a few at that.


  • Your windows are overlapping.Your should re-scale that. Also, the horizontal casing of your window overlaps, you should make it a perfect rectangle.

  • The color scheme is very unappealing. You should make it so that the colors of your windows complement the color of the building. What I suggest is changing the color to a more bright one but not too bright.

  • The door is too plain, you should add more details to it.

  • You should add more details to your building. Like corner bricks or wall bricks as seen here in my screenshot;

  • Additionally, there’s too big a distance of your window from the door. I suggest making the first floor some kind of store and the upper ones residential unless you are aiming for a full residential one.


I will try to improve it.Thanks for your opinion.I’m new to building so I think it will help me.


The windows are overlapping as said above, you should make the frames for the windows protrude more. Fix the upper horizontal casing and you could leave the bottom as it is.
Bring the bottom windows like;
or you could make them both bigger.

Door should have some detail and design added to it.


Just a tip in my opinion for these builds to look better, maybe you could tone the neon down in some windows Just like this, so it gives a cool affect.

Your first “Low Poly Build” looks decent i like the style, your going for it’s pretty nice for your first time making one however there is a couple. Of things i’ll change and add to your build to look more better and to stand, out more here is a couple of things to improve, on to make your build look more like low poly!!

Your low poly build looks good, but the building doesn’t have that much details on it. I would recommend you change, the color scheme to a bright color. Instead of having it a green color or try playing around with different colors! and you well find the one that fits on your, build you could always implement different. Colors on your build instead of having it just one whole! color as well add some corner bricks to your, building you could add some on the, building and on the corner side i would suggest that as low poly. Builds have bricks on the building to look more better!!

The color you implemented on your windows. Should be change to a white color as the frames around the window isn’t connected to the window part, as by looking at it it’s a little to scaled try making it as a rectangle! As showed below the windows are rectangle parts you, could change the color of the dividers to a white color, black color, ect. This will look more better if you added a different color to the window frame! and the dividers just play around. With other colors that fits on your build.

Reference Windows

The door on your building looks a little plain. Try adding a different material/color to it and you should connect the frame parts together, that’s around the door a bit more and add a door knob as well a windows on it just to look! more detailed i would recommend you change the color of the roof part, so it won’t look the same. As the parts you have in the middle of the building and if you plan on adding vegetation, you could add some trees, rocks, bushes, window box, ect. Overall you have done a great job on your build!

Anyway, great job!

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