Rate My Low-Poly Cafe

Hey guys! I just built a low-poly cafe and I wanted your opinions/suggestions on it. What could I add and how much robux would you say it’s worth?

Build Pictures

I will probably add a big donut or ice cream cone on the top if I can make it in Blender.

Thank you!


The chairs could use some more detail. Also possibly add a flower to the bushes etc. I would also add a name to the cafe like a sign. Just seems very white. Maybe a nice pink donut in the sign would look nice.


I see you were trying to recreate this picture;
This cafe looks more lively ^^, I think you should try making yours look the same. Then worry about the pricing of the build.

The chairs are too thick. The frames of the windows can be pushed more inside, they are sticking out too much. I think you should use a lighter blue on the windows and improve the detail on the door.


This black line looks odd, also I don’t think a cafe with one floor needs a door on top. The bushes can have a more vibrant green to make the cafe seem more lively.

Good attempt!


It’s a great start but I think there’s a few things you could improve:

  • I think this should be taller:

  • Maybe add a sign or a model of the food you sell like a giant pizza on the roof.

  • The colours look a little off. It doesn’t look that lively and I think that brown colour doesn’t match the wall colour.

  • Maybe add a carpark next to the building or a park.

  • This should be taller in my opinion:

Well done.Good luck on your future builds! :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:


A couple minor adjustments I would recommend:

  • Reduce the thickness of the chairs
    Maybe make them more like those in the reference image.

  • Increase the reflectance or lighten the color of the windows. They currently are extremely dark and, compared with the light theme of the rest of the build, look very out of place. Often some builders even use unions to create a sliver of a sun reflectance on the windows as a bit of extra detail.

  • Reduce the height of the rooftop AC unit. It currently is much too tall and would look far better if lowered a few studs.

Other than that though it looks pretty good. I look forward to seeing how it looks once the donut or ice cream cone is added.


Your “ Low Poly Cafe” looks really good, i like the different details you. added to it. And the shape and details are on point looks really detailed however. There is a couple of things i’ll add to your! building to make it look more better and more, decent however the color scheme you implemented onto your build looks great but there. Could be some different colors to it!!

The cafe is really decent, however you could add some different colors to your. Cafe instead of having it completely white as you can, see cafes have other colors. Implemented to the building i would add some brown, light white, black, ect. To yours but if your going of a reference image i would recommend you bring the awning! Up and add some brighter colors to your, cafe as by looking at it the awning seems to be a little. Low you could try bringing it up and adding brighter colors to it as well add some thin bricks. To your cafe if you plan on doing that! And the chairs they seem to be a little big you. Could try making them a little thin and add a (Spindle) connecting to the two front legs i would, suggest you do that as well you, could add a (Cafe Swing Signs) on the cafe just to give it some decorations to it. As most cafes have those!!

As i said above you could try bringing the awning up a bit more. As it seems o be a little low i would suggest you do that, and as for the windows i would add some light blue to yours as it seems you have dark blue windows. You could add that and the frames that’s implemented to your cafe! They seem to be a little to big on the door piece i would recommend. You scale them in some more so it could, look a little more better and maybe add a door knob, to the door just to give it some details to it overall. It still looks nice i would just add some brighter colors to the awning, and the windows! or add a reflection to your windows. As you can see below!

Reference Windows/Frames

I like how your making a cafe off a reference image, as well the style your going for and i think it looks really good, try adding some chairs, umbrella, bollards, bike racks, to the outside part and underneath the awning. So customers can sit and enjoy there coffee. If you plan on adding details in the front of the, cafe and around it! I would recommend you add some here is a couple of decorations, i’ll add to your cafe so it could! Look more better and improved a lot more like. Overall you’ve done a incredible job on it cafe.


  • Potted Plants, Window Box
  • Chairs, Tables Cafe Hanging Sign
  • Umbrellas, Trash Cans,
  • Pottet Flowers, Bike Racks Bollards
  • Bushes, Plants & Benches
  • Door Mat, Chalkboard Sign
  • Plants On Tables, Round Picnic Table

On these kind of cafes, i would probably say around 600/900 or more. If you improve it some more as by adding more details to it, and finishing it up i would go a little more overall that’s how much i’ll spend for this. Or even more if you added more details!!

Aside all of that, you have done amazing job on your cafe so far these. Are just some details your cafe needs. In the front of the building and on the side part! However can’t wait to see more of. Your work very soon and the different, details you add to your cafe overall you have done a decent job on it “Low Poly Cafe”. Anyways Keep it up!


I really enjoy the style, but something is a bit off I just dont know what it is exactly. :thinking:

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Thank you @jordonh23, @1Boone, @Inserted_Cring3, @z4ayn, and @C0_le for the suggestions! I have implemented most of them and here they are!

Updated Pics

Since it may be hard to see, I: Shortened AC unit, raised the awning, door, and windows, pushed windows further in, made chairs thinner (they’re still a bit too long), deleted the door, added doorknobs, etc.

The donut/ice cream cone on top is yet to be added as well as outdoor decor suggested by @jordonh23. I may adjust the detail on the front door by adding more trim, not sure yet.

Please lmk if there’s anything new you see that needs changing. Thanks again!


I would also add this outside. I feel it would be a good touch. image

Also possibly put cafe here:

then add the donut over it.


I think the updated version of your “Cafe” looks really good, i like how your still improving it some more as well i can see you, really took advice the first version of your cafe. Looked great it just needed some improvements to it, and i see you are really putting! In a lot of work to make your cafe perfect and very detailed. And now there’s really isn’t much else I can say!!

Looking at the updated version it looks amazing however i would suggest you. Change the door knob that’s implemented, on your cafe i would go for a “Door Handle Lever” modern kind of style and add some colors to it like black, gray, to it i would recommend! You fix that a bit more and. And as i said above you could add one, of those chalkboard cafe signs that’s! Mostly on the sidewalk part or a hanging swing sign with the name of the. Cafe try adding one of those to yours as that would look a lot more better, to your cafe it would bring it out more!!

The chairs looks a lot more improved and better, however you could add one of those spindles underneath the chairs. Connecting to the legs as well you could make some. Chairs with different colors to it such as brown, wooden, white, ect. And you could add some cushions onto the chairs if you plan on doing that! And the plants that’s in the front of the building. You could try giving them a dark green color instead of, a light green color that’s what i suggest and when you add tables you could add one of those white, orange, black, (Tablecloths) implemented onto the tables and some decorations. On it however it looks really good!!

I think your build is decent. I hope some of my comments were able to help you, Can’t wait to see the final product of your build and see more of your work very soon!