Rate my MacOS-like Action Menu

Hey, I’m A_quisition

I’m bored and I made this GUI, hope you like it I guess.



I like the roundness and simplicity but I feel like its missing some detail just not sure what.


Neither do I… also thank you for your feedback

I think you could improve by adding a light gradient, other then that maybe add the mac os icons on the top left? image Looks clean all around though!

Thank you, I’ve also thought of adding the MacOS Action Buttons too, but not on the Actions Menu…

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what do you think? :thinking:

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Looks good, What’s it supposed to contain?

I have no idea, could be the Finder.

I also thought of scripting an Operative System inside of Roblox, but for now Luau isn’t ready for such difficult actions

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The good

The colored circles are definetly a good contributer to the whole mac os style, I think you got the colors correct. Along with that I think the rounding work looks great. It has that basic style with flat colors and its not complex.

The bad

The problem with this is that its just a giant square/rectangle, I don’t think there is much you could do with it, I can’t think of anything other then some sort of image holder.


Here’s a example of what mac os ui usually has, As you can see there is a light to darker grey gradient. Which also there is a slightly darker grey line separating both the gradient and the white color. If you are going for a mac os look, I’d suggest to try out something like this.


Besides that the colored circles could have a ring around them with a slightly darker color, it shouldn’t be too thick or too thin. Try to find a good balance.

Open me for a example

[Note that colors will vary]

Overall I think its a nice piece of ui that would fit the mac os style, Without much practical use however unless something was added. I’d give it a solid 8/10, Great work!

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