Rate my new helpful plugin

Hello I released a new builder plugin called “Builder’s Hammer”


  • Quick renamer is a special tool to change name of a lot parts
  • Quick property change is similar to quick renamer but it better to change other properties
  • Circle placement used for place a model around a circle
  • Area placement tool used for fill an area with selected models/parts
  • Part counter can count parts in a object

More Detailed info: Plugin

Just give a point 0 to 10 like 7/10 (You dont have install plugin)


I don’t seem to find it useful, Most of these can be done for free

  • Quick Renamer is already available on the Properties tab for free
  • Quick Property Change is already available on the Properties tab for free
  • Circle Placement? idk how it works
  • Area Placement can be done using GapFill
  • Part Counter can be done using a certain code in the command bar

Ok I’ll explain the points you dont understand:

  • Quick property change used for change property of a object with specific classname
  • Quick Renamer yeah it’s free but some options to rename only wanted parts
  • Circle placement works like that:
  • Area Placement: This tool not for fill the blank between 2 parts it used for fill a part with selected objects
  • Part counter: if you try count parts with command bar you will count the values or the things you dont want count in parts

Like @VSCPlays said, it is useless and got only one thing original. The price isnt going to interest me.


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exactly, Stuff that can be done for free doesn’t deserve to cost robux


I think people are judging too harshly on this. For convenience, this is good. It combines multiple plugins into one, making the tab less cluttered.

I have a suggestion to add. You should add a feature that allows you to select all parts that have textures that have the same asset ID. This can be useful for people who used textured. parts.

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Thanks for your support the feature add will in next uptade